TR802 Dental Hygiene Diploma Level 7 Assignment Sample Ireland

Dental courses are quite popular among Irish students. Because of this many students enroll themselves with top dental colleges in Ireland. They pursue courses like the TR802 Dental Hygiene Diploma to gain professional skills.

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This assignment example discusses the role of a dental hygienist. It further discusses career opportunities associated with this branch of study. This content write-up also discusses career opportunities and it also discusses what the course has to offer to its students.

Besides, the assignment example also discusses admission requirements.

About Dental Hygienist

The dental hygienist is a professional who works with other healthcare professionals and dental team members. The professional dentist examines the patients and then recommends treatments.

The dental hygienist provides oral care services to both young and adult patients. The professional also provides related services to individuals with special requirements.

The objective of a dental hygienist is to make sure that dental decay and gum disease can be prevented. The dental hygienist also provides other oral health services to individuals who need them.

This type of professional also provides necessary counseling and advice about lifestyle habits and diet.

Who should study dental hygiene?

If you are interested in providing services catering to oral health, and preventative oral health then the course in context (TR802 Dental Hygiene Diploma Level 7) is ideal for you.

This course helps you to learn high-quality care skills for patients and therefore you must have good skills of communication and an empathetic personality. It is also required for the candidate pursuing the course to be an efficient team player.

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Career opportunities

A diploma-level certification is offered to students who have completed the course. Students can apply for the course just after graduation. Completing the course successfully allows the students to register with the Irish Dental Council.

In this context, it is relevant to understand that the registration process is essential for the job of a dental hygienist in Ireland. Professional dental hygienists can serve in public health services.

They can also engage in research, and become faculty at a dental college. If a dental hygienist wishes to further his or her study then he or she can apply for other diploma courses, particularly in Orthodontic therapies.

About TR802 Dental Hygiene Diploma

This diploma course is a 2-year one. There are several components associated with this diploma course. These components include the First Year Modules and Second Year Modules.

The course focuses on interactive learning. It also focuses on various health promotions project activities, clinical practices, and learning based on evidence. The first-year modules and the second year modules are discussed as follows:-

First-year modules

  • Introductions to applied clinical sciences
  • Health promotions and clinical practices
  • Introduction to clinical practices

Second-year modules

  • Clinical practices
  • Health promotions
  • Practices that are based on evidence

Learning outcomes of the TR802 Dental Hygiene Diploma Level 7 course

The assignment example in context provides information about the learning outcomes associated with the course in context (TR802 Dental Hygiene Diploma Level 7).

  • Students who complete the course in context will be able to understand the functionality of a dental hygienist professional. The course will help the students, and learners to know that dental hygienist provides oral health care services and oral health promotions.
  • The course in context allows the learners to do the planning, do the implementation as well as assess various oral academic activities for individuals or groups.
  • Execute mythologies to calculate as well as evaluate the different levels of oral hygiene and health.
  • The course in context helps the students to understand the steps to polish teeth.
  • The diploma course also allows the learners to know how to position fissure sealants.
  • TR802 Dental Hygiene Diploma level course teaches the students to know the process of applying preparations that contain fluoride, desensitizing agent to a patient’s teeth.
  • The course also helps the learners and students alike to comprehend the abnormalities within the mouth and get in touch with the dentists.
  • The students can know about the process of taking dental x-rays.
  • The learners can know how to administer local anesthetics and conduct different types of dental hygienic operations.
  • The course in context also helps the learners and students to understand how to place dressings (temporary) as well as re-cement crowns temporarily.


The students completing the course on TR802 Dental Hygiene Diploma (Level 7) are required to sit for assessments. The objective of the evaluation is to understand the skills, and knowledge of the students participating in the course. The assessments in this context are a mix of examinations and assignments (written). Then there are competence tests that are part of the evaluation process. Better performance in the assessments or evaluations helps the students to get good grades. Better performance helps the students to become successful as dental hygiene professionals.

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