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QQI Level 5 5N1367 Team Working  Assignment Sample Ireland

In this Assignment sample, the course, Team working (5N1367) is discussed. This Level 5 course is offered by QQI and has a credit value of 15. The purpose of the course is to educate the learners with knowledge and skills to function as an effective team member, functioning on an independent basis, and taking directions by being a part of team-oriented and diverse environments.

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The Assignment featuring the course Team working discusses the various learning outcomes of the course. Once the course is completed the learners require taking an assessment. This essay also discusses the assessments and assessment techniques that are associated with the course. 

Outcomes of learning the course Teamworking (5N1367)

The learners learning the course on Teamworking (5N1367) can know the following learning outcomes:-

Examine the definition of teamwork, types, features, and impact of teamwork in organizations, individuals, and systems

The learners of the course Teamworking (5N1367) can examine the definition of teamwork. They also can understand the types, features, and teamwork impact on organizations, individuals, and systems. The types, features, and impact of teamwork are best comprehended within informal and formal structures. 

Analyze the responsibilities, roles, attributes, and team member skills

The course helps the learners to analyze the responsibilities, roles, attributes as well as team member skills. In this context, the skills that are essential for working in a team are leadership skills, coaching as well as training skills.

Understanding the stages and components of team development

Team development is the process of learning to do a task together by forming a team. Bruce Tuckman is an educational psychologist who has identified five different stages of team development.

The course in context highlights that a majority of the teams abide by the five staged development process to become high-performing. The five stages of team development include 1) forming, 2) storming, 3) norming, 4) performing, and 5) adjourning. 

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Challenges and opportunities of intra-teamwork, inter-teamwork, or multi-teamwork environments

The course on Teamworking (5N1367) discusses the various challenges as well as the opportunities of intra-teamwork, inter-teamwork, or multi-teamwork environments. In this context, it is important to understand that teamwork implies working together towards a common objective.

There are some important features of teams and they are sharing of accountability for some common goals, requiring stability, functioning interdependently, holding decision-making power, authority, function in a social context.

Though teamwork is often advantageous, there are common challenges while working as part of a team and they are as follows:-

  • Little or no trust
  • Not sharing information
  • Tension and conflict
  • Low level of engagements
  • Poorly perceived, unable to deliver
  • Low levels of transparency
  • Poor change management
  • Functioning in silos
  • Teams not having a common goal or objective

In short, it can be said that working in a team has certain benefits and some challenges. These are listed as follows:-

Benefits:-to promote unity, promote diverse thoughts, do more work in less period

Challenges:-lack of good communication, loss of efficiency, conflicts at the personal level

Participate in establishing team objectives, doing an evaluation

The course on Team working 5N1367 helps the learners to participate in establishing team objectives, doing evaluation to incorporate control mechanisms like documentation and feedback, and measurement of performance. 

Engage in core team-working functions

This course also provides information on how to engage in core team-working functions. In this context, the team working functions include problem-solving, negotiation, decision making, finding-out solutions, and conflict resolutions. 

Demonstrate problem-solving skills, effective communications, and negotiation techniques in a variety of team working roles and situations 

The course on Team working 5N1367 also helps the learners to demonstrate issue solving skills and abilities, and exhibit effective communications and negotiation techniques in a variety of team working situations and roles. These team working situations or roles include roles of leadership, giving as well as receiving feedback.

Monitor weaknesses and personal strengths as a participant in the team

The course in context also helps the learners to monitor weaknesses and personal strengths as a participant in the team. These personal strengths and weaknesses incorporate interpersonal skills, problem-solving skills, and communication skills. 

Assessments & assessment techniques

The course in context helps the learners to understand various aspects of teamwork. After learning the course, Team working (5N1367) is important for the learners to participate in an assessment. The assessment assesses and evaluates the skills, knowledge, and competencies of the learner.

It helps the learner to comprehend the subject.  With regards to assessment, there are available several assessment techniques. The assessor devises the various assessing instruments.

These instruments include project briefs, assessment briefs, mark sheets, assessment criteria, and examination papers according to QQI’s requirements. 

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