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SMGT30210 Skill Acquisition UCD Assignment Sample Ireland

SMGT30210 Skill Acquisition is a key unit of study in the Sport and Exercise Science degree at University College Dublin. The aim of this unit is to develop students’ understanding of the nature of skill development, with a focus on motor learning and performance.

In this unit, you will learn about different theories of skill acquisition, as well as research methods that can be used to investigate skill acquisition processes. You will also learn about how skills are transferred from one context to another, and how practice can be structured to improve skill acquisition. Finally, you will examine factors that affect skill performance, including individual differences and environmental constraints.

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Several briefs will be covered in this unit. They are as follows:

Assignment Brief 1: Understand the principles underlying skill acquisition.

There are three primary principles underlying skill acquisition:

1) Repetition/ practice

2) Feedback and

3) Consistency/scaffolding.

Let’s briefly explore each one. 

Repetition and practice are essential for learning any skill. We must repeat an action again and again in order to ingrain the desired movement pattern into our motor memory.

Feedback is also critical for effective learning a skill. We need knowledge of results (KOR) in order to know whether we are performing the task correctly or not. This can come from an external coach or mentor providing guidance, or from observing our own performance via video analysis, for example.

Consistency and scaffolding are also important considerations when learning a new skill. Our brain learners better and faster when we can establish a routine and gradually add complexity to the skill as we become more proficient. This is often referred to as the “spiral of proficiency” model.

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Assignment Brief 2: Understand the stages of motor learning.

The four stages of motor learning are:

  1. Cognitive stage: This is the stage where you are learning new skills and trying to understand the task at hand. You consciously think about what you need to do in order to complete the task.
  2. Associative stage: This is the stage where you start to put the new skills into practice and link them together with existing knowledge and experience. You start to develop Automaticity, meaning that the new skills become subconscious and you don’t have to think about them as much.
  3. Autonomous stage: In this stage, the new skills become automatic and second nature. You don’t have to think about them, they just happen automatically.
  4. Mastery stage: This is the final stage of motor learning, where you have fully mastered the skill and can perform it flawlessly.

Assignment Brief 3: Understand the cognitive processes supporting skill acquisition.

There are many cognitive processes that support skill acquisition. One of the most important is working memory. Working memory is responsible for holding information in mind so that it can be processed and manipulated. This is essential for skills such as problem-solving, which require the ability to recall information and use it to consider different options and Better plan a course of action. 

Other important cognitive processes include task switching and inhibitory control. Task switching refers to the ability to fluidly move between tasks or adapt to new situations. This is important because unexpected changes are often a part of real-world situations, and being able to quickly adapt helps individuals stay on top of things. Inhibitory control refers to the ability to resist temptation or distraction and stay focused on the task at hand. This is important for avoiding distractions and staying on track with complex tasks.

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Assignment Brief 4: Apply motor learning theories to practical situations.

Motor learning theories provide a framework for understanding how people learn new movements. There are three primary motor learning theories – the cognitive, behavioral, and physiological approaches.

The cognitive approach suggests that people learn by thinking about the movement and planning how to perform it. The behavioral approach suggests that people learn by observing others and copying their movements. And the physiological approach suggests that people learn by feeling the movement and adjusting their muscles accordingly.

Which of these approaches a person uses likely depends on their personality type and how they learn best. For example, some people might be more analytical and prefer to use the cognitive approach, while others might be more hands-on and prefer to use the behavioral or physiological approaches. It is important to understand which approach works best for you and use it when learning new skills.

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