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Sex Abuse, Journalism and the Irish Catholic Church Essay Ireland

Since the middle of the nineties, there were reports of sexual abuse of kids who are related to catholic churches. In Ireland too there were reports of sex abuse and because of that many criminal cases were filed at that time.

Inquiries by the Irish government found that many priests have abused kids below 18 years of age. Those found guilty of abusing kids were sentenced. With this Ireland became more secular and it showed signs of the decreased influence of the Catholic Church.

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In this context, it is important to mention that in ancient times the Catholic Churches in Ireland had enhanced influence on many aspects of governance. Many institutions in Ireland were run by Catholics. These institutions include child care networks.

There were many reports of sex abuse in these institutions. The abusing priests moved to other areas of the country to avoid scandals or embarrassment. However, by 2010 numerous judicial reports were published in Ireland but there are lower numbers of convictions.

This blog features the relationship between sexual abuse, journalism, and the Irish Catholic Church.

Revelations of Sexual Misconducts

It was a norm at the Irish Catholic Church that the priesthood was chaste and celibate. It was regarded that homosexuality was a crime as well as a sin. The Irish church prevented its members to utilize false contraception and it crusaded against divorce laws and abortion laws.

The Irish Catholic Church was there to act against unmarried couples cohabiting. Despite all these things at some point in time, the Irish media started talking about lapses and reporting allegations concerning the above-mentioned aspects of the Irish priesthood.

This came as a real surprise for people in Ireland as well as the members of the Catholic Church in Ireland. Later, because of the standards set by the catholic churches in Ireland tragedies took place, and further cases were registered.

Numerous TV documentaries on sex abuse by Irish catholic churches were broadcasted between the years 1990 and 2000. To know more about these documentaries visit relevant resources that are available on the web.

Other TV programs were conducted during this time which suggested that journalism in Ireland worked actively to curb criminal activities like sex abuse of kids by institutions like the Irish Catholic Church.

All these things have led to a requirement for new guidelines, and reports that were sponsored by the Irish government within the society and church to effectively protect the Irish kids. These suggest that journalism played a major role in curbing criminal activities associated with the Irish Catholic Church in Ireland.

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Child abuses in Catholic operated child care system

The readers reading this blog can understand the abuses that were there in catholic operated child care system. Earlier catholic run institutions like industrial and reformatory schools experienced events of child abuse.

Because of this, the Irish media was quick to broadcast several programs that interviewed the victims of abuse. These victims provided testimony to their experiences. According to the media, the state and the church colluded in the functioning of the institutions.

The media was also prompt to highlight that the Irish church was in denial mode when faced with such disputed accusations. This suggests that there were cases of child abuse in catholic operated child care system in Ireland.

How did the Irish government react to such scandals?

The scandals referred to in this section are those instances of child abuse that took place in the catholic run child care system. There are media furors over such scandals.

Therefore, the Irish government commissioned a study that took almost 9 long years to get finished. By 2010 the commission was quick to release a report that collected testimony from officials and inmates of as many as 250 church-operated institutions.

The commission understood that the catholic churches in Ireland were behind the terrorizing of girls and boys and government agencies, and officials had failed to address the issue.

What is the response of the church to such scandals?

At the beginning of the 21st century, many Irish catholic churches agreed to the issue and they were ready to pay a lump sum amount in compensation to the victims of child abuse. In response, the churches took steps to prevent homosexual acts within the church premises.

The churches in Ireland also established a board to safeguard kids and improvise policies, and monitor practices. Later in 2010, a child safety audit was proposed. The findings of the audit stressed that the churches were non-cooperated in the matter and that they denied data citing legal reasons.

It also reported that the funding by the churches for various training programs on child protection ceased to exist by 2010. The report that was published in the year 2011 cited new cases of child abuse by Irish catholic churches.

Later because of assistance from Irish journalists who created awareness about child abuse in Ireland by catholic churches, a commission for child abuse in Ireland was established. The objective of such a commission is to make sure that incidents of child abuse don’t take place and if they do then the criminals are dealt with firmly.

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