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QQI Level Person-Centered Planning Approach in Ireland Assignment Sample

Many in Ireland are aged and disabled. They require medical care and support. A person-centered planning approach in Ireland helps them get the right type of medical services. This essay is written after a thorough discussion with people who are carrying out person-centered planning in Ireland. This essay also incorporates the views of representatives of people with disabilities.

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Since the content contains a detailed view of person-centered planning and hence it helps individuals to carry out such planning effectively. Each person-centered framework is different. The essay generically discussed such a framework. However, the content can be enormously helpful to find out how to develop a person-centered plan and the mechanism of implementation of the plan. 

Person-centered framework Applicable to these

The essay is meant for those who are interested to get involved in a person-centered framework. 

  • Aged and disabled people
  • Families and friends of disabled people who want to speak on their behalf
  • Any entity that is keen to develop, update and implement a person-centered approach
  • Healthcare service providers in Ireland
  • Funders and policymakers in Ireland

Person-Centered Planning Approach in Ireland

Many who are still not sure of what person-centered care is, for them it is to mention that person-centered planning is a method to help people in need of medical aid and support to think about the following things:-

  • The things that are significant to them
  • How do they want to lead a life
  • The type of support they need
  • A person-centered approach helps a person as well as a service provider to discover how that person can lead a life and the type of support that the person requires to make it possible.

People who are part of the person-centered planning include the following:-

  • People include that person for whom the planning is done. Such a type of person is often referred to as the focus person.
  • Individuals or entities that are trained to plan a person-centered approach. Such a type of person is often referred to as the plan facilitator. Such persons help you discover what you want and how to get it. If you are the focus person and not happy with your plan facilitator then you can always seek change.
  • People may include your network of support. The network of support may include those who you want to include in developing as well as implementing your plan. The network of support may contain the focus person’s friends, family, service providers, advocates, and local community groups. 
  • There is yet another type of people that is an important part of person-centered planning and that is those who help to implement the person-centered approach. Such types of people are also referred to as guidance coalitions. 

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Important Aspects of the person-centered approach 

A person-centered approach is not just developing a plan of action but also making sure that the plan of action is effective and that it is result-oriented, helping the person focus to get the best medical aid and support. A proper person-centered plan helps to make the life of the focus person better.

The second important thing about the person-centered approach is that it is not as easy to develop and implement a person-centered approach. Many times people may fail to develop or implement a person-centered plan effectively. 

Post-2019 in Ireland when there is an influx of COVID-related cases across Ireland the significance of the person-related approach has augmented. Because of limited knowledge about the disease, the medical fraternity in Ireland finds it hard to develop and implement a person-centered approach properly. However, the research community is aspiring to create an effective person-centered approach in the days to come to overcome the COVID crisis. 

Develop and Implement a National framework for Person-Centered Planning

To develop and implement an effective person-centered planning approach in Ireland, the service providers need to understand the following 4 things:-

  • It is important to know how to develop a person-centered plan. This implies how the services should get prepared for the person-centered approach. 
  • It is also important to know the type of plan to develop. This implies that there should be clarity about what is the plan.
  • The methods of developing the plan
  • Tips for implementing the plan, making sure that the plan eventually results in better lives and better services

To develop a person-centered approach the service providers need to discuss it with the service users. The service providers can then develop a plan using the outcomes of such discussions. There are several aspects of person-centered planning and in this essay, the objective was to put them into perspective. To develop and implement person-centered planning it is important to know the problem.

Nowadays, developing an effective person-centered approach may be difficult concerning COVID because the disease is not known properly. However, efforts are on to make the future person-centered framework regarding the disease a success.

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