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LAW37560 Social Inclusion Law Assignment Sample Ireland

The Social Inclusion Law is a set of regulations that protect people from being able to get an animal or invention from another country. It was introduced in the year 2009 as part of the Irish government’s effort to improve social and environmental awareness. The law requires businesses to let guests meet the owner, provide information about animals and inventions, and allow/for visitors to see inside businesses.

Many saw the Social inclusion law as a way to increase the presence of Japanese restaurants and shops in Ireland. However, they failed because many Japanese-owned Irish businesses suffered financial losses due to cheap imports from the UK and other countries around the world. Along with this, Ireland’s Financial Assistance Department used this law as an excuse for her citizens to have no money for living because it made other nations rich by selling cheap goods.

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In this section, we are describing some tasks. These are:

Assignment Task 1: Appreciate the interrelationship between policy, politics, administration, and law in the arena of social inclusion as relevant to social welfare law and housing law.

The interrelatedness of policy, politics, administration, and law in the arena of social inclusion is a critical issue when it comes to the development of housing law. In order to ensure that people from certain races, cultures, and religions will have access to quality homes, appropriate policies need to be in place. The policy on housing should be designed to include all persons from those groups in an open-minded way so that they are not discouraged from seeking education or life-long opportunities.

This relationship between policy and government can also be seen in the field of justice. Regulations may be put in place that can be employed to the benefit and to the detriment of racial and religious freedoms regarding those groups. While more regulations may be unnecessary, too many regulations will result in other problems such as aggravated prices for housing, limited market competition due to getting full benefits and penalties for no reason, and decreased access to quality homes due to lengthy procedures.

The emphasis on interrelatedness is found in terms of the law as well. For example, if Sella prices housing unfairly and overall not successfully residents can’t vote at City Councils. The same situation arises with city ordinances when they are unjust they are not respected which in both cases affects voting rights. In a similar vein systems of justice will only operate effectively when the actions of courts conform to the appropriate policies because they are irrelevant or inconsistent with these policies they can lead to problems such as distorted compliance rates and false negative decision making.

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Assignment Task 2: Evaluate legislative entitlement to social welfare and housing in Ireland, broadly, and with respect to identified societal groups.

Social welfare and housing, in Ireland, are separate social policies in the public sector. The Social Welfare Act defines the realm of social welfare to include issues relating to “all aspects of national and household life which contribute to securing a just, safe and tolerant dealings environment.” If there is no assessment of the laws being broken it is dubious that these laws are being followed or if they are happening at all are they healthy.

By nature, these laws do not have any relationship with other rights such as voting rights that cannot be taken away if they belong solely to one citified side or another. Under the present law, there exist relatively strong legal protections for racial, cultural, sexual orientation national origin, and religious rights.

In theory, these rights should also apply to people without a passport since a passport can identify someone ethnically but does not define them socially or condition their ability to live their lives consistently and unambiguously so adjudication through government bodies on ethnocentric issues could clearly go two ways either one could travel to other countries or on the other hand one could be persecuted for not meeting the nation quotas.

Assignment Task 3: Appraise the utility, or otherwise, of Irish constitutional law and international human rights law in protecting a person’s rights to welfare and/or housing.

Constitutional, civil law, and human rights law rarely receive a defining goal. This controversial status might be replaced by some consistent applications in the building process of all systems of law. International human rights may not achieve much more than they usually do. They are seldom followed by legal rules which have not been engrafted by civilization or special court procedures.

Legal standards only exist in their entirety although concerns or considerations could be spread through many other civil laws but this is rarest of all constantly voted and adopted laws that meet real social developments since most lawmakers would say: ‘if a right is meant to be protected under current legislation we do not need a special act’.

Irish Constitutional Law has had mixed successes in protecting various people’s rights to welfare and housing however this law could not have presented what the Irish government needed at exactly that specific time considering the social state of Ireland today.

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Assignment Task 4: Interpret and apply primary legal materials and research legal problems.

As a law student, you will be studying legal problems and the Primary Court. You will be seeking to resolve them quickly and efficiently in order to protect your case but also ensure that the legal system is effective and efficient.

By reading primary court decisions and researching illegal drug laws, you will develop a better understanding of how they are used in real-world situations. Researching gas laws and studying modern patent law will allow you to develop techniques that might be routinely used in court or would go a long way in any preparation you do for your final law school term.

Assignment Task 5: Formulate opinions and communicate ideas in an appropriate manner to different target audiences.

Different communication styles touch upon all four communication skills. In order for an organization to have a public policy on drugs paying to the community will help the public will feel comfortable and communicate clearly regarding the speaker’s stance and what the speaker’s intentions are. 

To do this they must develop an argument, findings, and support material so that they can make their case effective when they explain what they want their audience’s response to be on illegal drug use as well as a certain argument by providing words and examples that can mesh together in easy tonality. It is clear to the public speaker’s listener exactly what means nice intentions he or she is taking in speaking about and then also so that listeners receive enough of what point are making to make referential support for legal legalization of various drugs such that the entire audience heard.

Argument solving usually involves two critical acts; writing the introduction act, depending on where you occur in a policy decision poses some challenges in writing limited length literature acts it becomes more difficult because it puts a few readers between the audience. The purpose of the introduction act is to make your policy such that it fits in an easier step to use all three skills.

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