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International Destination Management Essay Example Ireland

International Destination management is usually associated with travel and tourism. The process has the objective of controlling the social, cultural, economic, and environmental dimensions of a particular tourism territory.

Destination management is usually conducted by local authorities. They are sometimes conducted by stakeholders in the Irish tourism sector.

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Most importantly, the process of destination management follows the rules and principles of good governance. In other words, destination management is organized management of the different components that form a destination.

Destination management incorporates amenities and it also includes attractions, marketing, access, and pricing. There are international destination management providers that link these components for the effective management of destinations.

This is an essay that discusses the concept of International destination management. It also highlights the significance of destination management and it also explains the ways to run destination management.

Destination management concepts

The process of international destination management is harmonized and organized and in this process, the various aspects of a destination are properly governed. Destination management incorporates local resources, marketing efforts, activities, accommodation, environmental concerns, events, transportations, tourist attractions.

Destination management is the responsibility of the company that provides such services. The various DMCs or destination management companies take a comprehensive approach to take care of tourism. These companies manage destinations and also furnish services like training.

Such companies are often based on memberships. The stakeholders and members of the destination companies incorporate local businesses, community leaders, charities, governments, and others who are part of the tourism and travel industry.

Significance of destination management

This section of the essay furnishes the reasons why destination management is important. Tourism in Ireland or any other country can be quite beneficial for a destination or area.

Tourism helps to bring more money to the economy of Ireland. It helps to attract business investments. It allows existing businesses in various Irish localities to flourish.

Besides, destination management can revitalize or enrich towns, villages, cities, regions, resorts, and countries. However, in this context, there are potential drawbacks to tourism. These downsides include pollution, damages to landscapes, traffic congestion, and additional utilization of resources.

Therefore, it is important to have tourism management. Tourism management helps to balance the demand and supply and it helps to protect the environment.

In short, it can be said that the concept of destination management involves taking steps to make tourism add value to a particular destination.

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Ways to run destination management

Several steps can be used to run international destination management. The DMC or the Destination Management Companies know exactly the strategies to execute destination management.

The different steps to run destination management are explained as follows:-


In tourism destination management one has to consider the destination and while doing so one has to know the ways the travel to the destination can be accomplished. One also has to know whether destination management is required or not.

In many instances destination can be a city and can be a state or it can be an island. Sometimes, a destination can be a country. There are times when a destination can be said to be a coastline or a mountain. Often a destination can be located within another destination and that can be confusing.


While doing destination management one requires considering the people visiting that destination. It is also essential to consider the motivation of the people who visit a particular destination. Any particular destination can be attractive to tourists of different demographics.

The destination manager requires comprehending the reasons for a particular destination to be appealing to the tourists. The destination managers also require knowing the source of the visitors, the things that the visitors are seeking by visiting the destinations.

The destination managers also require to consider the entities that form the local community. The professional also requires understanding the partners and stakeholders of the travel industry that are part of the destination management.

The important destination management partners may be transport businesses, local businesses, tour operators, activity centers.


The next thing that is important while doing international destination management is the product or the service that the destination has to offer to the tourists. These may incorporate accommodation, attractions, activities, methods of transportations.


Ultimately while thinking about destination management one needs to consider if the services and products that are offered to the tourists can satisfy the requirements and needs of the tourists.

This step is usually done at the end and this is so because it requires the destination manager to comprehend the other components of destination management.

The destination manager requires understanding requires knowing about the place and they need to know about the people that are part of the destination management process. The international destination manager also requires knowledge about the product that the destination has to offer to the tourists.

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