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Information Technology Used during Covid-19 Essay Example

In recent times almost everything in Ireland is based on Information Technology. If the IT systems are adversely impacted then life in the 21st century comes to a halt.

In recent times, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, IT systems got impacted adversely. Many IT systems proved immensely beneficial to deal with the disease. Because of the pandemic, many people died, and many people lost their livelihood.

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Another important thing, because of the lockdown during the pandemic times, the information technology in the Republic of Ireland got badly affected. The pandemic also resulted in a demand for technologies that can effectively cope with the damage that has been caused due to Covid-19.

Besides, we understand that the pandemic has raised a demand for high-end technology solutions for medical research, finding a cure for the disease. During the corona times, more and more students are using online platforms for academic purposes.

Therefore, telework, telehealth as also online education is a direct result of the Covid-19 virus. There are many reasons to believe that digital technology is indeed helpful in managing as well as reducing the risks that are associated with the lockdown.

This essay discusses the existing IT solutions and the challenges in the use of the technologies. Overall, the essay discusses Information Technology during Covid-19 time.

What are the technologies that are available during Covid-19?

We are still very much under the influence of the dreaded Coronavirus pandemic which started and became popular in 2019. As of the day, several technologies are available to combat the ill effects of the disease. Researchers and scientists are working hard to search for further technological solutions to fight the pandemic.

Contact-Tracing software programs

These software tools are highly beneficial to fight the current pandemic situation. They are mainly used to detect the presence of the Covid-19 virus. New technologies are being developed to prevent the community-level spread of the virus.

Artificial Intelligence

Some technologies are guided by artificial intelligence and incorporate image recognition, machine learning, and various learning algorithms for detecting and diagnosing infections as also for discovering drugs to fight the diseases.

3-D Printing Technologies

Then there are 3D printing technologies that are available for the development of masks and PPE kits that are essential for health care workers and are a pre-requisite to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

Big Data Analytics

In recent times big data analytics can also be utilized to detect people based on their status as far as the Covid-19 is concerned. Such technology is useful to quarantine the people by knowing about their travel history. Big-data analytics is also important for the development of vaccines and antiviral drugs.

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Supercomputers and HPC infrastructures are being widely used in recent times to develop new drugs and vaccines to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mobile Applications and Smart Phones

Mobile software programs are installed in smartphones as also as other tools and they are used for engaging in video-conferencing they also are used in warning people visiting different Covid-19 hotspots within Ireland.

These tools can also assist doctors and medical workers to diagnose patients through video-conferencing services, and rendering telemedicine services.

Besides, smartphones and mobile applications can also help households to engage in online shopping, online meetings, teleconferencing, online learning and do work from home.


Many hospitals in Ireland are utilizing robots to fight the outbreak of the corona pandemic. Hospitals often utilize robots to deliver medicine and food and they also help in disinfecting rooms as also other hotspots without the requirement for human interactions with the patients. There are places in Ireland where drones are used to deliver medicines to patients affected by Covid-19 or other diseases.


The IOT is yet another technology that is being widely used for surveillance of people who are adversely affected by the corona outbreak. IOT is widely being used to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. In this context, it is important to understand that IOT comprises many components like data collection and transfer, storage, and data analytics.  The various IOT sensors that are installed in mobile devices, robots, and drones are also used to collect vital data used to prevent the spread of the disease. Often IOT technologies are used for diagnosis, quarantining, and recovery of patients suffering from Covid-19 disease.

Block-chain Technology

In this Covid-19 times, block-chain technology is also being widely used to record online transactions. Blockchain technology is considered private and trustworthy and it is believed to address the health requirements of the people in Ireland. Blockchain technology is increasingly being used to track infected patients and thereby such technology helps in fighting against the disease.

All the above-mentioned technologies require proper integration of people and data and systems. This helps the technologies to better cater to the needs and requirements of the people in Ireland and fight the Covid-19 pandemic. For additional information about the technologies that are popular during the Covid-19 times, visit relevant resources that are available online.

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