Impact of Covid-19 on the Mental Health of Staff Essay Sample

Covid-19 is a deadly disease which is caused by the Coronavirus. This disease is new and very little is known about it. It became popular globally in 2019. In a short span, it wreaked havoc in many countries across the world.

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Many people died because of this virus. Those who survived the disease complain of various ailments including mental health issues. The Covid-19 issue is still prevalent in Ireland and neighboring countries. Many types of research are being conducted not just in Ireland but in many countries globally to develop a vaccine for the disease.

Some nations claim to come up with vaccines that can counter the Covid-19 pandemic. Though, an effective vaccine is yet to be developed that can counter the virus. This essay is all about how the Covid-19 impacts the mental health of Irish healthcare workers.

How Covid-19 pandemic impacted the mental health of workers in Ireland?

The covid-19 pandemic has resulted in economic recessions because of frequent lockdowns. It has created difficulties for those who are already suffering from various types of mental ailments including depression. Surveys suggest that in times of the Covid-19 pandemic a significant percentage of the Irish adult population has reported symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Research has suggested that Covid-19 has negatively impacted the health and also the well-being of the Irish people. The disease has led to problems in eating and sleeping among the people in Ireland. It has enhanced the consumption of drugs and alcohol among health care professionals.

People who are already suffering from severe ailments are experiencing worsening of their conditions because of stress and worry due to the Coronavirus. Besides, many health care professionals are suffering from job losses which are causing mental health issues among them.

This section of the essay discusses the different reasons that are contributing to mental health issues of Irish health care professionals.

University closures creating mental health issues

Many Irish men are suffering from pandemic-related problems like income loss, and university closures, and these things are contributing to poor mental health issues among healthcare workers in Ireland.

Job losses create depression and anxieties

Also, research suggests that during the Covid-19 pandemic in Ireland many people have reported job losses and they have reported income loss. All these things have resulted in anxieties, depression, reduced self-esteem, and substance disorder issues.

Besides, there were many cases of suicides because of the Covid-19 pandemic. And all these factors have resulted in mental health issues for the Irish health care workers.

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Reduced childcare services causing problems for kids and their mothers

Also, research suggests that because of the Covid-19 pandemic kids, and parents, particularly mothers are suffering from various mental health care issues. The Covid-19 pandemic has led to closures of schools, and academic institutions and that has resulted in diminished childcare services. More and more women and kids in Ireland are reporting issues of mental health like depression, and anxiety.

Healthcare workers and essential staff are facing mental health problems in Ireland

The healthcare workers in Ireland along with other essential workers in the country are facing challenges. They are experiencing enhanced risks of getting affected by the virus. When compared to non-essential staff, the essential staffs are more prone to report symptoms of depression, and anxiety. They are more prone to report symptoms of substance abuse, and suicidal thoughts in times of the Covid-19 pandemic.

How do overcome the adverse effects of Covid-19?

There are several short-term also long-term implications of Covod-19 on the mental-health as also as substance abuse, particularly among Irish healthcare workers or those who remain exposed to Covid-19 viruses.

Already it has been stated that few nations have developed a vaccine for Covid-19 and these nations acknowledge that more research and work are required to develop effective vaccines to get rid of this deadly ailment.

The nations which have already developed Covid-19 vaccines are supplying vaccines to other parts of the world including Ireland. In this context, it is relevant to add that phased vaccinations are going on across the length and breadth of Ireland.

There are several instances where the people in Ireland are refusing to take vaccines as they think that such a process can hurt their health. They also fear that the vaccines can harm their health, distort their identities, and orientations, and modify their genes, making them no longer the same as they were at the time of their birth. All these factors are causing trouble in the roll-out of the vaccinations across Ireland.

History suggests that the impact on mental health is usually long-lasting and such impacts persist even after the physical impacts are long gone. This is suggestive of the fact that to cure the mental health issues caused by the Covid-19 pandemic one may have to wait for years.

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