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Evidence-Based Research in Nursing Essay Example Ireland

Irish healthcare systems depend on the infrastructure that is used, the policies related to healthcare that are adopted by the Irish government, the human resources that are associated with the Irish healthcare system, the healthcare education that is imparted to the students pursuing nursing programs.

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This essay discusses the evidence-based practices that are widely used to improve the quality of healthcare for patients as also outcomes for patients.

In this context, it is relevant to say that nursing researches and evidence-based nursing practices differ from one another particularly in their respective purposes.

For instance, nursing researches are conducted to gain knowledge on nursing. Whereas evidence-based nursing practices use evidence as to the basis for practicing nursing.

A variety of researches is being conducted to interpret evidence into practice. It is important to understand that evidence from researches should be followed by proper implementation so that desired outcomes can be achieved.

What are evidence-based practices in nursing?

Evidence-based practices are often abbreviated as EBP and they incorporate processes like gathering, processing as also implementing various research findings to improve clinical practices, patient outcomes, work environments.

If the EBP approach is used in nursing practice then it helps in furnishing high quality as well as affordable patient care. In this context, examples can be cited to better explain the concept of evidence-based practices in nursing.

By using evidence-based practices in nursing the health care professionals and nurses have refined the care they provide to the customers (patients). Examples of evidence-based practices in nursing include supplying oxygen to COPD patients.

The evidence allows healthcare professionals to comprehend how to supply oxygen to patients who are suffering from COPD.

Evidence-based practices in nursing journals

Evidence-based practices are adopted to improve the practice environments. The EBP also helps to obtain desired patient outcomes. Therefore, many clinics and hospitals in Ireland want to integrate EBP into the daily practices of Irish healthcare workers.

Using the evidence-based practices the nurses can build their respective bodies of know-how and they can standardize the nursing practices and improve upon patient outcomes.

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The components of evidence-based practices

This section of the essay on evidence-based research in nursing discusses the different components of evidence-based practices. These components are as follows:-

Best available evidence

The best available evidence is required for providing high-quality nursing services to patients suffering from chronic ailments. This evidence is usually collected by nursing professionals using their knowledge and skills.

Patient’s requirements

Yet another component of evidence-based practices in nursing is patient requirements. These are mostly patient values and also the circumstances associated with patients. It is also associated with practice management, client management, and decision-making based on health policies.

Clinician’s skills and knowhow

Clinical expertise and knowledge also play a crucial role in evidence-based practices in nursing.

The above-mentioned components are required to be integrated to enhance the quality of nursing that is imparted to patients suffering from severe ailments.

This is because when all these evidence-based practices are combined then the nursing professionals can take evidence-based, informed decisions and thereby furnish quality services as per the interests, values, requirements, choices of patients with chronic ailments.

5-A’s of evidence-based practices

Evidence-based practices are done by utilizing certain steps. This section of the essay highlights the steps in brief. There are as many as 5 steps of evidence-based practices and they are as follows:-


As part of this step, the healthcare professionals are required to set up questions and place them before the patients to know the problems of the patient.


Healthcare professionals or nurses need to gather evidence. By doing so, the healthcare professionals will be in a better position to resolve the issues of the patients suffering from serious ailments.


It is also vital for nursing professionals and healthcare professionals to analyze the evidence that is gathered. This is because it helps to understand the nature of the issue so that better health care services and support can be recommended.


The health care professionals are also required to apply the evidence that is collected to clinical practices.


Finally, healthcare professionals are needed to assess and evaluate the results.

These 5 steps can be applicable for an individual patient or they can be applicable for a group of patients.

Benefits of evidence-based research in nursing

There are few benefits of using evidence-based research in nursing and they are as follows:-

  • Better outcomes for patients
  • Diminished costs for providing care services
  • Rendering high-quality nursing services to the patients

Know more about evidence-based research in nursing from selective and related materials that are available online.

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