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ECS403 Irish Social, Family and Childcare Policies Assignment Example Ireland

Ireland is a republic and it has a democratic system. There is a government in place in Ireland. The country has a legislative assembly that makes policies from time to time.

The judiciary and other instruments of the Irish government make sure that the policies are enforced in practice. There are many Irish social, families as also childcare policies.

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The students in Ireland pursuing courses like ECS403 require good know-how of these policies. Some colleges and institutions offer quality courses to students who want to pursue courses that inform them about Irish social, families, and childcare policies.

This assignment sample write-up helps the students to understand the objective of the course ECS403. It helps the students to know the objective of studying the course. It also provides vital information about the various outcomes of learning that are associated with the course.

The objective of the course on ECS403

ECS403 is a course module and its objectives are to help students learn about the theories and the frameworks that nurture the developments of social policies.

The course also provides vital information about the historical evolutions of various Irish policies. Growth and evolution of families concerning Irish families are analyzed using government reports, schemes, and programs as also funded services that are provided on a voluntary or a statutory basis.

learning outcomes of  the ECS403 Irish Social, Family and Childcare Policies course 

This section of the assignment sample throws light on the different learning outcomes of the course coded ECS403.

Makes readers understand the concepts of policies

This course assists the readers and the audience to understand the concepts of policies. In this context, it is relevant to add that policies are plans that are utilized for making business decisions, economic decisions, and political decisions. The course also provides vital information about social policymaking to the readers.

Frameworks and theories that support social policymaking

The course coded ECS403 also provides data about the frameworks and theories that support the making of social policies in Ireland. In this context, it is important to mention that social policies are practices that are created to cater to the requirements of individuals.

Historical evolutions of Irish social policies

Irish social policies have a history. Irish social welfares commenced in 1952. This course helps the learners and students alike to understand the historical evolutions of various Irish social policies.

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Analysis of Irish social policies and also family policies

Irish social and family policies are formulated and implemented from time to time in Ireland. This course helps the students and learners to analyze various Irish social policies, family policies. It helps to do such analysis using government responses to various social problems within Ireland.

Discussions of policy regarding early childhood education within Ireland

The course that is coded ECS403 also discusses policies on early childhood academics within Ireland. It helps the learners to understand the development of various childcare infrastructures.

How EU helped in making policies within the early childhood education sector?

Ireland is a part of the EU and hence it has to abide by the laws and regulations that the EU has for its member states. EU helps the students and the learners to make policies within the early childhood educations sectors in Ireland. For more on this read the course ECS403.

How EU has affected policymaking in Ireland?

The course content provides information about how the EU influences the making of policies in Ireland. In this context, it is relevant to comprehend that Ireland is a part of the EU and hence it has to abide by the rules and regulations that the EU has for its member states.

Compare as well as contrast ECEC model in Ireland

The course in context also provides relevant information about how to compare as well as contrast ECEC models within Ireland. In this context, it is pertinent to add that there are differences in ECEC delivery and funding between Ireland and other EU member states.

What is global literature on the best practices within Ireland?

The best practices in ECEC in Ireland include supports for communications, memberships, involvement of adults in peer-to-peer interactions, relationships between kids and adults. All these things are discussed well in the course coded ECS403.

What are the important issues within the ECEC sector in Ireland?

There are many issues in the ECEC sector in Ireland and that includes low pay, excessive paperwork, lack of other job options, and lack of recognition. The course in context provides information about the issues within the ECEC sector in Ireland.

If the students pursuing this course on Irish social and families and childcare policies can complete the course successfully then the person will be able to develop as well as do critical evaluation social policies concerning well-being and welfare of kids, families. They will also know about the national social policies, legislation, and its influence on ECEC.

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