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QQI Level Customer Service 5N0972 Assignment Sample Ireland

This sample essay discusses the course customer service which has a course id of 5N0972. Successful completion of the course results in an award type “Minor” and a level 5. The objective of the award is to impart knowledge about customer service within a work.

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The course also imparts knowledge about customer service within a voluntary or social environment. The course also provides information about the skills and competence of customer service within a work, voluntary or social environment. The course talks about customer service while operating on an independent basis or under supervision.

The essay also discusses the various learning outcomes of studying the course. It also discusses the different assessments and techniques of assessments that are used to assess or evaluate the knowledge, competence, and skills of the learner. 

Various Outcomes of Learning

There are various outcomes of learning the course on customer service (5N0972) and they are listed as follows:-

Customer service principles in a variety of environments

The learners upon learning the course Customer Service 5N0972 will be able to examine the different customer service principles in a variety of environments. There are different customer services principles that learners need to know and they are as follows:-

  • Comprehend the employee’s function in customer service
  • Treat the customers with respect
  • Respond quickly
  • Smile
  • Listen
  • Listen to the customers
  • If the customers are not right then they need to be treated in a manner so that confusion and chaos do not arise.
  • The employee is required to take ownership of a situation.
  • Empower the employees so that they can deal with the outcomes of the customers.
  • It is also important for the employee to ask if the customer needs anything. 

Understand the features of effective customer service

It is very important to comprehend the features of good customer service. The employees need to differentiate between the customers, meet customer requirements after having created a good first impression, be dutiful to the diverse and the disabled, and comprehend as well as respond to the perceptions of the customer.

Explain the rating system and the standards concerning the development and measurement of customer service

This course also explains the rating system as well as the standards which the employee can use to develop customer service and measure it appropriately.

Understand the important components of the consumer legislation, and activities of regulatory organizations while offering protection to the customers, redress, and representation

This course also helps the learners to understand the different activities of regulatory organizations, and important components of consumer legislation while offering the customers protection, representation as well as redress. 

Explain how organizational effectiveness can be enhanced

The course emphasizes that customer service can augment the effectiveness of an organization. Customer service can aid it in success. This course also highlights examples of organizations that have an effective customer care team. 

Describe how customer perceptions can be influenced

The course Customer Service 5N0972 also describes how the perceptions of the customers can be influenced so that components such as printed materials, physical environment, personal presentation, and customer contact person conduct can be incorporated.

Use personal skills, attributes, and attitudes that are needed to work effectively, while dealing with customers

In a work environment, the employees need to use skills, attributes, and attitudes that are required for effective functioning, particularly while dealing with the customers. The course emphasizes the active-listening skills, customer behavior observation, and positive body language that employees can use while dealing with customers.

Use communication technologies

The course Customer Service 5N0972 also suggests that the employees can use effective communication techniques such as audio-visual, telephone, email, conferencing, and other interactive media to communicate with the customers. 

Handling records and correspondence while offering services to the customers

This course also focuses on how to handle records as well as correspondence during offering services to the customers. It also highlights the employee’s need to handle invoices, orders, payments as well as correspondence that are made electronically or in writing.

Go through customer compliments and complaints as per the policy of the organization

If you are considering delivering high-quality customer service then you require going through the various compliments and complaints according to the organizational policies.

Handling complicated situations

If you are thinking of delivering good customer service then you require handling challenging situations and they are unexpected or late arrivals, handling difficult customers, customer issues, or altering environments.

Demonstrating group work while offering customer services

Yet another aspect that the course, Customer Service 5N0972 highlights are demonstrating teamwork while offering a range of customer care services. These services are allocating responsibilities and roles, understanding personal weaknesses and strengths while dealing with the customers, good feedback, and communication. 

Assessments and assessments techniques

After the successful completion of the course, the learners require to be assessed by the assessors. The objective of the assessors is to understand the level of knowledge, skills as well as competence that the learner has acquired post learning the course.

The various techniques of assessment used are examination papers, project briefs, assignment briefs, mark sheets, assessment criteria, and other techniques that are relevant to QQI requirements. The portfolio or the collection of work has a weightage of 50% and the demonstration of skills has a weightage of 50%. 

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