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Contemporary Debates in Criminology Essay Sample Ireland

This essay discusses the contemporary debates in criminology. But before discussing the debates it is important to know about the concept of criminology.

Cultural criminology is a term that is widely used in this context and it indicates the viewpoints and orientations that are there in sociology, criminology, and the criminal justice system in Ireland.

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Cultural criminology helps to find out how cultural as well as criminal procedures are finding relevance in Irish social life. Cultural criminology points out that cultural dynamics are very much linked to crimes and crime controls in the present Irish social arrangement.

Therefore the concept of criminology is associated with the crimes that are caused in Irish society and it also discusses the reasons for such crimes and the laws that are in place to deal with such crimes.

What is Criminology?

The essay discusses the concept of criminology. It underscores that criminology is a concept that deals with the comprehensive study of different aspects of crime as also law enforcement in Ireland.

Criminology discusses the psychology of the criminals, it also deals with the social settings of crimes, and it also deals with the prevention, prohibition, detection, investigation as well as capture, and prosecution of the criminals. The professionals associated with this subject are also referred to as criminologists.

What are contemporary problems in the Irish criminal justice system?

This section of the essay discusses the contemporary issues that are there with the Irish criminal justice system. These issues give rise to debates. Crimes like mental illness, drug abuse, homeland security issues, cybercrimes, and human trafficking are quite common in Ireland.

Experts think that many of these crimes are a product of the country’s culture. The experts believe that cultural criminology is often responsible for the crimes that take place in the country.

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Topics in Criminology

There are many theories related to criminology in Ireland. Often these theories are the subject matter of larger debates in this country. Contemporary debates in criminology have the objective to apply criminology to the present-day world. As far as the topics of criminology theories are concerned it is important to know that there are convict criminology and critical criminology and cultural criminology.

There are criminal justice theories that believe that punishment in criminology acts as a deterrent to crimes. Convict criminology helps us to understand what ex-convicts have their say on the subject. Critical criminology debunks the false notions about criminal justice and crime. Cultural criminology emphasizes that criminality is a product of culture.

What is the function of the criminal justice system?

Contemporary debates in criminology also discuss the roles of the criminal justice system in Ireland. It discusses the steps that can be implemented to make sure that the criminal justice system can be made more effective and that crimes and criminal activities can be stopped in Ireland.

The police, courts, and various correctional facilities have an important role to play in delivering fair justice. The contemporary debates in criminology should be such that the major conflicts between the police, courts, and various correctional facilities need to be identified, and then such conflicts are needed to be resolved.

The criminal justice system faces several challenges and this essay discusses these challenges. It also discusses the ways and means to tackle these challenges.

Challenges faced by the Irish criminal justice system

The Irish criminal justice system may face several challenges and that may lead to the non-delivery of proper justice. Understanding reveals that there are instances of violent crimes in the urban areas, and then there are instances of cybercrimes.

Most importantly the epidemic is also an important reason for the improper functioning of the judicial system in Ireland. Other reasons adversely affect the smooth functioning of the judiciary. Judicial corruption like the ones that are caused by bribery and political interference are other challenges that trigger contemporary debates in criminology.

To have a fair understanding of corruption in the Irish judicial system it is important to know that a corrupt action in the criminal justice system can severely impair the entire criminal justice process, can erode citizen’s trust in the laws of the land, and it can question the legitimacy of the public institutions that are meant to deliver justice.

Cultural criminology, therefore, gives criminologists the chance to improvise their respective perceptions of crimes. The subject also helps researchers to understand the relations that exist between crime and culture. Cultural criminology also discusses the relationships that exist between modern social, and cultural life and criminology.

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