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Impact of Covid-19 on the Ireland Economy Essay

This essay is all about how the COVID-19 pandemic has obliged most nations including Ireland to embrace a modern Economic model. Because of COVID-19 most nations across the globe have shut down their economic activities and had entered into some sort of quarantine.

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Essential workers have an important task in such situations. They require ensuring that people stay healthy and that the students can pursue their academics amidst this debacle. There are a significant number of non-essential workers who have lost their jobs in such dire times.

There is also a section of the population who can work from home. There are nations across the world that are trying their best to contain the pandemic and simultaneously ensure that the poor sections of the society don’t get adversely affected financially by the pandemic.

It was understood that workers who suffered layoffs were badly affected financially in such times. On the contrary, those who managed to render work from home services can keep the economy running.

When many consider that COVID-19 is here to stay then in such times WFH is the only option. In this context, if Work from Home leads to worker productivity then it can also result in corporate productivity.

Hence, WFH can play an important role in stabilizing a country’s economy. Besides, there are other advantages of WFH and these include controlling pollution due to reducing of emissions because of low transportation.

This essay discusses the challenges and benefits of WFH and also discusses how such a practice can help individuals and nations as a whole economically during pandemic times.

Benefits of working from home

This section of the essay highlights the various benefits of working from home. These benefits include providing enhanced flexibility in working to the working professionals, better work and family balance, working from home to save time as well as money on transportation, enhanced autonomy, and sometimes getting better and quieter work environments.

From the point of view of the employers, working from home reduces the cost of water, energy, and other consumable items.

From the perspective of the government, WFH offers benefits like reductions in greenhouse gases, preventing wearing and tearing of various infrastructures of transportation, redistributing population owing to the ability of the workers to live in sparsely populated areas and this manner causing an equitable distribution of resources between rural and urban communities.

However, there are some disadvantages concerning WFH and these include for the employers WFH brings with it low productivity levels, also supervision of employees is very restricted.

From the employee perspective, WFH results in difficulty in maintaining collaborations, and difficulty in getting involved in neo projects.

Besides, employees may have less access to mentoring and training programs. However, in a nutshell, it can be said that the benefits that are associated with WFH outweigh the challenges.

Therefore, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are opportunities like doing work from home and it certainly has the potential to enhance the economic activity of the country as a whole. This is more elaborately discussed in the subsequent sections of this essay.

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How does WFH act as an economic driver?

For many European nations, the economic activities and the education system stopped suddenly because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The objective of shutting down is to protect the people of the country in times of pandemics.

Many parents who attended WFH offices also require helping their kids attend distant learning programs. Because of this, some parents complain of having too much work pressure.

However, the majority of the parents think that WFH is effective as well as productive. Research on the population of the country highlighted that more and more people have positive attitudes toward working from home.

Understanding reveals that WFH not just helps individuals to save time but also assists them to save money.

Besides, WFH helps individuals to enhance performance, and productivity as also benefits the environment. Many working professionals revealed that the greatest challenges of working from home are related to various social aspects of professional activities.

They emphasized that working from home posed serious challenges to social interactions, sharing of notions, and building trusting relations between employees and employers.

Some activities are best handled while working from offices. This is also another disadvantage of WFH. Despite these challenges, people think that WFH is a preferred option, particularly in times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic if nations implement policies to encourage WFH then it will be very much employee-friendly as they will be able to schedule their professional lives around their personal or family lives.

Many policymakers think that such a balanced WFH will consider the well-being of the employee, it will also result in enhanced employee satisfaction, productivity, innovation as well as profitability.

Therefore, there is a justification for setting up policies that favor WFH. Hence it can be said that WFH acts as an important economic driver in times of COVID -19pandemic.

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