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Childhood Social Legal and Health QQI Level 6 Assignment Sample Ireland

Across Ireland, many households have babies and kids in the family. The Government in the country recognizes the need for providing support to the health as well as the well-being of Ireland’s children. For that purpose, the government has its policies aimed at benefitting the kids in the country.

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In this context, it is relevant to add that childhood social legal, and health (QQI Level 6) related courses are quite common in various parts of the country. The objective of such a course is to facilitate the learner not just to devise but also to put to use and evaluate procedures and policies that support the health as well as the well-being of kids within Ireland. 

Childhood Social Legal and Health QQI Level 6 Course Requirements

Many in Ireland need to avail courses like Childhood Social Legal and Health QQI Level 6 and therefore they visit schools and training centers that impart such type of training to them. In this context, it is pertinent to add that this type, of course, has certain requirements on the part of the candidates who aspire to know about them. The candidates can find the details about course requirements online.

Understanding reveals that the candidates require at least 85% attendance to learn these courses from an acknowledged training center in Ireland. Besides the attendance, the candidates need to meet all the QQI assessment criteria. In the country, the project work associated with the course carries 60% weight and the assignments associated with Childhood Social Legal and Health QQI Level 6 carries 40% weight. 

The course duration varies. However, it takes 13 sessions to cover the course in its entirety. If you are successful then you can expect awards. The award includes a QQI Level 6 Component Certificate. To view additional information on the various learning outcomes concerning the course it is advised to visit the QQI website. There are various training centers available online that impart such types of courses to interested candidates. They maintain websites that feature the course details. If you are interested to know more about such courses then visit such sites online. You can book courses online using the website of the training centers offering such courses. 

Childhood Social and Legal, Health Studies (QQI Level 6)

Many who want to learn this course know what it is. They also know who this course is meant for and also what are the objectives and outcomes of learning this course. However, for those who don’t have any knowledge regarding the course this section provides useful information for them. “Childhood Social, Legal and Health Studies (QQI Level 6)” is a course that is run by various colleges in Ireland.

It is primarily a distance learning course and has a duration of about 8 weeks. This course offers a course qualification of Level 6 advanced certification. The certification is awarded by QQL. For additional information regarding this course visit relevant institutes online. You can search them online using appropriate keywords. There are a few colleges and academic institutions in Ireland which are known to offer this course to prospective candidates.

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Who is meant for this course?

Pondering on who should learn Childhood Social, Legal and Health Studies (QQI Level 6). Well, this course is meant for all the students who aspire to gain a QQI credit in social as well as legal issues in Childcare offered at Level 6. Students who are desirous to comprehend the social policies and legislations that are pertinent to early childhood education and care need to go for this course. This course also helps the learner to understand the skills for dealing with various child protection problems. 

Objective and Outcomes of the Course

If you study the course Childhood Social, Legal and Health Studies (QQI Level 6) then you can get equipped with the skills and knowledge about how to manage the various factors that impact the health as well as the well-being of the kids in Ireland. The course also provides a comprehensive solution to the various child protection problems.

It informs the candidate learning the course about the various legislative as well as policy frameworks that affect the childcare sector in Ireland. It also informs the candidates about diversity as well as the equality guidelines. The course provides information about the important skills that are needed by the childcare worker. The learner after having learned the course can devise, implement as well as evaluate procedures and policies that support the wellbeing and health of kids in Ireland. 

Prerequisites for Childhood Social, Legal and Health Studies (QQI Level 6)

Candidates learning the course Childhood Social, Legal and Health Studies (QQI Level 6) require knowing the various factors that impact kids’ health and well-being in Ireland. The candidates also require giving a test to demonstrate their knowledge on child protection, legislation, and policy, equality, and diversity issues. Important skills needed for the course include communication skills, interpersonal skills, teamwork, and maintaining confidentiality. There are certain requirements for students to pursue such a course. These requirements including the following:-

  • The student has to achieve a Level 5 award in Childcare. He needs to have practical experience for 3 years.
  • The students need to be working in the childcare sector for a minimum of 6 hours on weekly basis.
  • Students require being very proficient in the English language.
  • Since the program is online therefore learners require having IT skills, must know how to handle computers.
  • It is important on the part of the student to do studies on their own as it is a distant education project.


Students who want to attain QQI credit in social and legal issues in childcare (Level 6) should for the course that is discussed in the essay. The essay is thus useful to students who want to comprehend legislation and social policies that are relevant to childhood education as well as care settings.

In this context, it is relevant to add that QQI is a body that offers an award for further training as well as education. It also awards higher certificates like the NFQ Level 6 or bachelor’s degrees like NFQ Level 7.

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