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Aged people in Ireland are more prone to respiratory diseases. This is because with age the human body becomes fragile, the immune systems become weak, and the body then cannot fight the onslaught of pathogens that are part of the environment, and hence people fall sick. In contemporary times when the world is grappling with the adverse effects of the deadly COVID virus, Ireland is no exception in this regard.

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Old people who are not vaccinated against the COVID virus are falling sick and they are exhibiting all sorts of respiratory ailments and other symptoms of COVID. Hospitals and nursing homes in Ireland are trying their best to offer to care for older people with chronic respiratory disease. This essay features the different types of ailments that old people suffer from in Ireland. It also discusses the care for older people with chronic respiratory conditions in the country.

Respiratory Ailments that Old People Suffer in Ireland

Some conditions can cause acute respiratory problems among old people in Ireland. Physiologic alterations like normal aging are one such condition. This is because with aging the respiratory system also ages and therefore it affects how the lungs respond to medical treatments. In Ireland statistics shows that morbidity and mortality caused as a result of lung infections and diseases are on the high.

There are many cases of COPD in the elderly, lung disease in the elderly, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in the elderly, and therefore the healthcare infrastructure in Ireland is more focused on providing good quality care to aged people suffering from chronic respiratory conditions. This is very much true in times of the COVID pandemic.

Other conditions that adversely affect the health of old people in the country are asthmatic symptoms, pneumonia, COPD, and pulmonary embolism. Many of the respiratory conditions that appear among the aged and the elderly are a direct consequence of occupational or environmental exposure. Some conditions are caused because of poor habits like smoking, and environmental pollution. 

A significant percentage of the aged population in Ireland suffers from conditions like tuberculosis. In this context, it can be said that diseases like TB are mainly caused if there is a reactivation of an earlier disease or infection. Diseases like tuberculosis can be deadly if not treated properly. The hospitals and nursing homes in Ireland are always on high alert to make sure that aged people don’t fall prey to this disease.

Very recently there is a new reason to panic not just in Ireland but globally. The COVID pandemic is deadly and it attacks mostly the aged and the fragile. A COVID patient may exhibit respiratory symptoms. The bad thing about this disease is that little is known about the CORONA virus that spreads the COVID and hence treatment is elusive. However, doctors and researchers worldwide including in Ireland are trying their best to find out solutions to the problem. 

Services Offered to Aged People with Chronic Respiratory Conditions

With age the entire immune system of a person becomes weak and therefore the human body is more susceptible to the onslaught of deadly viruses, and bacteria. Whenever old people suffer from respiratory diseases then they are administered treatment by the hospitals and nursing homes in Ireland.

Patients, and the hospitals aim to offer quality care for older people with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases. They also offer superior help to the elderly with COPD. Here it is important to understand that with age the respiratory system fails to respond adequately to medications. Hence it is to understand that for old people prevention is always better than cure.

Care for Aged People with Chronic Respiratory Condition

Following are the steps that the various government and private bodies take in Ireland to prevent the occurrence of chronic respiratory diseases and care for aged people with chronic respiratory conditions:-

Make Environmental Pollution-Free

Many respiratory diseases are caused because of pollution in the environment. Hence the government and the private sectors in Ireland are cautious to make the environment clean, and free from pollution. An active municipal body helps to dispose of pollutants safely and securely, preventing deadly diseases from occurring.

Change of Habits

Many respiratory diseases are a direct cause of bad habits like cigarette smoking. Many elderly people in Ireland are addicted to smoking cigars, and cigarettes in Ireland. It is important to create awareness among the public by showcasing the ill effects of smoking. The various public and private sectors in Ireland work in a coordinated manner to make sure that the elderly people in Ireland quit smoking.

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Rehabilitation Therapy

Though prevention is better than cure at times old people become a victim of deadly respiratory diseases. Whenever such things occur then it becomes important to rehabilitate the patient. There are well-equipped hospitals and nursing homes in Ireland that act as fantastic centers for rehabilitation purposes.

The doctors and nurses associated with the hospitals and nursing homes take special care of the old who are suffering from respiratory conditions or other diseases. The medical professionals particularly the doctors need to find out what are the strategies for symptom management for older adults with COPD for elderly patients suffering from the disease.

They need to understand the signs of COPD getting worse and take adequate measures to control the condition. If the respiratory problem is in its advanced stage and there is no cure to the problem as such then the various healthcare centers like hospitals and nursing homes stay prepared and make advanced planning for end-of-life decision-making. 

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The essay on care for the aged people having chronic respiratory conditions provides information about the types of respiratory diseases that are common in contemporary times. It also showcases how the various diseases can be prevented, controlled, and treated using existing resources in Ireland.

It also highlights when to make advanced planning for end-of-life decision-making in various healthcare centers like nursing homes, and hospitals in Ireland. In this context, it is relevant to say that such types of decisions are made only when the situation is out of control and when the patient’s respiratory system has failed. 

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