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Care for an Older Person with Depression or Mental Problems Essay

As one grows old the person tends to feel depressed and suffer from various mental issues.

Though, in this context, it is better to say that depression can target any age group and not just the aged. The symptoms of elderly depression can affect various life aspects.

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They can impact appetite, energy, interest in doing activities, sleep, relationships, and hobbies. There are many reasons why older people get depressed.

This essay points out these reasons. It also discusses the various ways by which care can be provided to older people suffering from depression or mental issues.

Reasons for depression in Aged Adults

This section of the essay provides information about the different reasons for depression in aged adults:-

  • Health issues like disabilities, illnesses, severe chronic pain, and damage to the body owing to sicknesses can cause depression in the aged. Besides, medical issues can also cause severe depression in the aged. Diseases or medical conditions heart diseases, stroke, diabetes, cancer, lupus, thyroid disorders, and multiple sclerosis can cause depression in the elderly.
  • Isolation and loneliness are often caused because of decreased mobility owing to illnesses, and a decrease in the number of friends because of relocations or deaths can cause depression among the elderly.
  • Low self-confidence, financial insecurity, and identity loss can enhance the risk of depression in adults. Limitations on the activities that elderly people enjoy can also be a cause of depression.
  • Fear of demise, fear of health problems, neglect, and abuse can also cause depression in the elderly.
  • The demise of family members, pets, colleagues, and friends are also factors that can cause depression in adults and the elderly.

Care for the aged people with mental issues or depression

Older people like young people suffer from conditions of depression. They also suffer from various mental issues. However, there are certain ways that one can utilize to treat conditions of depression among the elderly. This section of the essay discusses the same.

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Try to remain connected by reaching out

If you are feeling depressed then it is recommended that you reach out to the world, make new friends, communicate with them, and build relationships. This is a digital world and you can also use various social media networking sites to stay in touch with your friends.

However, in this context, it is relevant to add that utilizing digital communication is not the same as face-to-face communication.

Therefore, it is recommended that you do face-to-face communication. You can also help others and expand your network. You can also be with others confronting the same issue and in that manner, you can diminish the state of isolation.

You can also listen to others and know how to cope with depression. You can also take care of your pets or join a club to meet like-minded individuals. One of the most recommended ways to treat depression is to create reasons for laughing.

Discover life’s purpose

Elderly people after retirement may become depressed. This is because at this stage of life they are unable to find a purpose in life. The elderly facing bad health conditions suffer from depression.

The aged may face issues like depression and other mental problems if they are confronted with the separation or demise of their friends or family members. Under such situations, elderly people need to focus on activities that they can do.

Besides, the elderly can pick up new skills. Such actions can help the elderly to stay joyful, improve brain health and prevent the decline of mental health conditions. The elderly people can also tutor kids, volunteer and attend local events, and do community work.

The elderly can enhance self-confidence by taking pride in the way they appear. If you are feeling depressed just after retirement then you can travel with your family out for a vacation.

Inculcate healthy habits

The elderly can be advised to adopt healthy habits to keep depression and mental issues at bay.

The elderly can do exercises

They can set a diet that is low in carbohydrates and sugar but rich in proteins, and fats. The elderly need to be encouraged to eat after every 4 hours.

The aged need to take good sleep, spend quality time outside in the sun, and don’t engage in smoking and drinking alcohol.

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Seek help from professionals

If your depression is not in your control then you can seek professional advice. You can seek to treat depression using anti-depressants but in this context, it is important to understand that the use of anti-depressants has risk factors associated with it.

Besides, patients with depression can seek therapy and counseling from specialists in this field.

Tips for helping aged persons with depression

There are various tips that one can utilize to treat the elderly and they include the following:-

  • Arranging social activities on a systematic basis
  • Be with your loved ones
  • Prepare healthy and nutritious meals
  • Visiting the doctor if there are signs of depression
  • Seek aid from the experts if you get an indication that your loved ones are thinking of suicide.

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