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BUU33520 Management Accounting for Business Decisions Assignment Example TCD Ireland

The goal of management accounting is to provide information that helps business managers make sound decisions. This can include anything from pricing products and services to allocating resources and managing budgets.

In order to do this, management accountants must be able to compile and analyze data in a way that is meaningful for decision-makers. This can be a challenge, but it is essential for businesses to have accurate and timely information in order to stay competitive. Management accountants play a vital role in the success of any organization.

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On completion of this course, students will be able to:

Assignment Task 1: Discuss the theories, concepts, and methods pertaining to management accounting, and distinguish between management accounting and financial accounting.

Management accounting is the process of providing information that is useful in making decisions about how to best use and manage the resources under a manager’s control. This information can include things such as the costs of producing different products, how much revenue different sales channels are generating, or what the break-even point is for a business.

Financial accounting, on the other hand, is the process of providing information about a company’s financial position, performance, and cash flow. This information is used by investors, creditors, and others outside of the company to make decisions about whether to invest in or lend money to the company.

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Assignment Task 2: Identify core cost terms and concepts, and describe the purposes for which cost information may be required.

Cost terms and concepts can be confusing, but it’s important to understand their purposes in order to make sound business decisions. The following are some of the most core cost terms and concepts:

Fixed Costs: Fixed costs remain the same regardless of how much product or service a company produces. For example, rent on a manufacturing plant is a fixed cost, as is the salary of the CEO.

Variable Costs: Variable costs change in direct proportion to how much product or service a company produces. For example, the cost of raw materials used in production is a variable cost.

Direct Costs: Direct costs are those that can be easily and specifically identified with particular products or services. For example, the cost of the raw materials used in producing a specific product would be a direct cost.

Indirect Costs: Indirect costs are those that cannot be easily and specifically identified with particular products or services. For example, the salary of the CEO is an indirect cost because he/she manages the company as a whole rather than being responsible for anyone specific activity.

Assignment Task 3: Prepare break-even, contribution, and profit-volume graphs, and apply these in a multiproduct setting.

In a multiproduct setting, the break-even point is the sales volume at which total costs and total revenues are equal. The total cost of producing x units of a product is given by C(x) = fixed costs + variable costs per unit. The total revenue generated from the sale of x units is given by R(x) = price per unit × quantity sold.

The profit-volume graph shows the relationship between profit (y-axis) and sales volume (x-axis). A profit-volume graph is typically U-shaped, with an initial period of increasing profits (as revenue exceeds costs), followed by a period of decreasing profits (as costs exceed revenue), and finally, a point at which profits are zero (where revenues equal costs).

The contribution-volume graph shows the relationship between contribution (y-axis) and sales volume (x-axis). A contribution-volume graph is typically straight, with a positive slope. Because variable costs increase with increases in sales volume, the vertical distance between the line representing variable costs and total costs decreases as total costs increase. Therefore, contribution (the vertical distance between total costs and total variable costs) increases as sales volume increases.

When capacity is reached for one product, the company must decide whether to produce that product or to produce another product instead. When capacity is exceeded for one product, that product experiences an opportunity cost of not producing the other products that could have been produced with the excess capacity.

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Assignment Task 4: Describe and apply the various approaches to pricing, including target-costing and cost-plus pricing.

There are a number of different pricing approaches that a company can use, including target-costing and cost-plus pricing.

Target-costing is a pricing approach that focuses on setting a price that will cover the costs of producing and selling a product while also making a profit. This approach requires companies to accurately estimate their costs so they can set the right price for their products.

Cost-plus pricing is another common pricing approach that sets the price of a product based on the cost of producing it plus a certain percentage markup. This approach allows companies some leeway in setting their prices, as they can adjust the markup percentage to account for things like market conditions, competition, and desired profits.

Assignment Task 5: Contrast activity-based and traditional costing systems, and explain why traditional systems can produce incomplete or incorrect information.

Traditional costing systems are based on the assumption that the use of a particular resource can be accurately and completely allocated to a specific output. For example, if a company manufactures widgets, the cost of the metal used in each widget can be tracked and assigned to that widget. However, in reality, this is not always possible.

Amounts of resources used may not be accurately known, or costs may be incurred for activities that are not directly related to producing a product or service (such as shipping products to customers). In these cases, traditional costing systems can produce incomplete or incorrect information.

Activity-based costing is an alternative method for calculating the cost of producing goods or services. It takes into account all the activities that are necessary to produce the goods or services being sold, as well as all other costs associated with those activities.

In activity-based costing, a company allocates indirect costs to products based on the number of resources used to perform specific activities for each product. These allocations can be accomplished using predetermined rates, standard cost systems, budgeted amounts for work performed by specific resources, and activity-based budgets.

Activity-based costing provides a more accurate view of the real costs and helps managers make better decisions about how to price their products or services.

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