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QQI Level 6 Healthcare Supervisory Management (6N4329) Assignment Example Ireland

This sample essay is on healthcare supervisory management that has a course code of 6N4329. This Level 6 course has an award type of Minor. The course has a total credit value of 15.

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Students or learners completing the course get an award that is certified by QQI. The purpose of the course is to make the learners aware of the knowledge, skills, and competencies in working in a range of sectors within an industry as an independent supervisor. This sample essay also discusses the various outcomes of learning that are associated with the course.

It also discusses the assessments and the assessment techniques that are associated with the course.

Healthcare Supervisory Management (6N4329) level 6 course learning outcomes

The responsibilities and duties of the supervisory manager

This sample essay on the course Healthcare Supervisory Management (6N4329) discusses a learning outcome and that is acquainting the students and learners with the responsibilities and duties of the supervisory manager. These include references that are pertinent to services and policies in a chosen work environment or vocational environment.

Assess the guidelines, industry standards, recommended practices that affect the working environment

The course in context also helps the students and the learners to understand the various industry standards, guidelines, recommended practices that affect the working environment.

This incorporates the methods of supervision, the purpose of supervision, the disadvantages and advantages of contract staff, in-house staff, code of conduct of the staff, membership of trade associations, membership of professional associations, works committee, trade unions.

Precautions required safeguarding records

This course on Healthcare Supervisory Management (6N4329) also helps to understand the various precautions that are required for safeguarding records. The various ways to safeguard patient information include securing transmissions, do risk assessments, augment the process of breach notification, data segregation, user reporting, session reporting, physical security enhancements, set up access control policies.

Important steps required for staff recruitment

The sample essay and hence the course on Healthcare Supervisory Management (6N4329) also allows the learners to understand the steps needed for recruiting staff.

These include preplanning, techniques used to source as well as screen staff, shortlist candidates using an application, understanding the advantages of a selected approach.

Understanding the risks

The risks associated with healthcare and supervisory management are many. This course helps the learners to understand the risks. With each risk, there is insurance coverage. The course also informs the learner about such insurance covers.

Procedures for work-related functions

The course in this context also helps the learners to comprehend the procedures for various work-related functions. This includes various lines of communication with the customers, relevant parties, and colleagues.

The course also helps to understand the methods that are required to provide high-quality services. Other things included are criteria for various supervisory processes, criteria for various staff recruitments.

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Maintain work-related activities and records

This course helps the learners and the students to also understand the steps required to maintain work-related activities and records. The course also helps to understand how to set up a roster for the staff, maintenance schedules for vehicles and equipment.

Prepare a budget for the department

This course also helps the learners to understand how to prepare a budget for the department. While planning a budget for the department it is important to include details of expenditures under appropriate headings.

Train the staff

The learners of the course can also know how to train the staff associated with a department. While imparting the training it is important to industry standards in training using supporting materials, aids. The course also helps the learners and students to know the suitability of candidates who are attending the training.

Conducting staff evaluations

The course also helps the learners to do staff evaluations. This incorporates attainment of work objectives, giving feedback on work performance, finding out opportunities that are required for developing personally.

Assessments and various techniques of assessments

If you are a student pursuing the course on Healthcare Supervisory Management (6N4329) then after the completion of the learning session you are needed to sit for assessments.

The assessments are to evaluate the skills that you have acquired, the knowledge that you have obtained. If a team or group is assessed then during such an assessment the individual members of the team or group are separately assessed. In the context of this course, the learning outcomes of the minor award are assessed.

The providers are required to submit a plan for assessment as part of program validation. The various plans for assessment include information that is related to the integration and scheduling of assessment.

There are different techniques of assessments that are used by the assessors. These assessment techniques include exam papers, briefs for assignments, projects, mark sheets, criteria for assessments. All these techniques are acknowledged by the QQI.

Students or learners pursuing the course on Healthcare Supervisory Management (6N4329) are required to sit for skill demonstration and portfolio or collection of work. In this context, skill demonstration carries a weightage of 60% and the portfolio or collection of work has a weightage of 40%.

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