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QQI Level 6 Team Leadership  Assignment Sample Ireland

This assignment sample is designed to discuss the course learning outcomes concerning 6N1948 Team Leadership. The course on 6N1948 Team Leadership allows the students and learners to know the skills and knowledge to function as a leader and be a part of a team either independently or as a part of the supervisory committee.

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The students upon successful completion of the course are awarded degrees and certifications by the QQI. This sample assignment also enlightens the readers about the assessment practices and techniques that are utilized to evaluate the skills, knowledge of the students pursuing the course in context.

6N1948 Team Leadership Level 5 Course Learning Outcomes

The course on 6N1948 Team Leadership discusses the various learning outcomes that are associated.

 Researches on the stages and components of team development

The course in context helps the students to do researches on stages and components of team development. It helps the students to learn different types of teams, learn about an environment that has more than one team. The course in this context also helps the students to know the attributes of a good team, the requirement for varied roles of individuals within a team.

Assess the concepts of management and leadership

The course in context helps to assess the different concepts of management and leadership. It helps the students to explore varied management and leadership styles. It also helps to discuss the main theories that are associated with Team Leadership.

The course discusses leadership in varied contexts as well as environments like coaching, mentoring, project management, a learning organization. The course also discusses a debate between management versus leadership.

Get involved in teamwork planning, organizational planning

The course on 6N1948 Team Leadership helps the students and learners to get involved in teamwork planning and organizational planning. The course discusses how to set specific objectives, measurable and attainable objectives, pertinent and time-bound goals, continuous monitoring of evaluation and progress.

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What are the differences that exist between organizational strategy, goals, and objectives?

For team leaders, it is important to know the organizational strategy. The course in context (6N1948 Team Leadership) helps the students to understand the differences between goals, strategies, and organizational strategy.

Assess various types of contemporary motivational theories

The course on 6N1948 Team Leadership also discusses the various types of contemporary motivational theories. It also discusses the practical strategies that are used to augment motivation at the team level.

What is team leadership?

The course in context also allows the learners and students alike to understand the concept of team leadership. The course helps the learners, students to build teams, support the members of a team at various stages of team development, possess good interpersonal communication skills, know about various strategies for motivation, know the different meeting and time management skills, utilization of intra and inter-team reporting structures.

How to negotiate with team members?

There are certain things that the negotiator requires doing if that person wants to negotiate with the members of the negotiating team. These things include proper delegation of responsibilities and tasks. These things are discussed in detail as part of the course curriculum in context (6N1948 Team Leadership).

Make a work plan progress

The course in context (6N1948 Team Leadership) discusses the different ways and means by which a work plan can be progressed. It discusses how to take corrective actions to complete a work plan successfully. The course also discusses in detail how to do monitoring of progress and evaluation of the performance of the members of the team.

Information related to assessments and assessment techniques

Students pursuing the course on 6N1948 Team Leadership have to sit for assessments. The assessors who are accredited and approved by the QQI are there to evaluate these students, understand the level of knowledge and skills that they have acquired while they have participated in the course curriculum. The assessors are known to use plans for assessments, tools, and techniques for assessments.

The assessment plans contain detailed information on the schedules for assessments. The techniques for assessments are all QQI approved and then comprise of question papers, project briefs or guidelines, mark sheets, assessment criteria.

The students who are part of the assessment have to submit a portfolio or collection of work (50%) and skills demonstrations (50%). Upon successful completion of the assessment, the successful students are awarded grades and they are awarded certifications (Minor).

The students can get a passing grade or a merit grade or a distinction grade based on their score in the assessments.

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