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QQI level 6 (6M2263)  major Inclusive Education and Training Assignment Sample Ireland

The sample assignment is on the course Inclusive Education and Training with course code 6M2263 and it helps the learners to obtain skills, competence, and knowledge. It helps in the designing, promotion, and implementation of the best practices that are followed within inclusive education.

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The course also helps the learners to do training or higher education. Upon successful completion of the course, the candidates are offered the QQI (Level 6) certificate. In this context, the award type offered to the learners is of type “Major”.

The course is quite useful to the learners as it helps them to know many things. This essay discusses the things that the learners can learn from the course in the subsequent sections. 

Requirements for Certification

The requirements for certification are listed in a tabular format for ease of comprehension:-

Award Code Title Level Credit value
6N2226 Inclusive Education Practice 6 15
6N1975 Disability Awareness 6 15
6N2225 Differentiated Learning and Instruction 6 15
6N1946 Work Experience 6 15
6N1947 Work Practice 6 15
6N1949 Personal and Professional Development 6 15
6N1950 Communications 6 15
6N1948 Team Leadership 6 15
6N2191 Leadership 6 15
6N2209 Mental Health Awareness 6 15
6N2210 Learning Difficulty Awareness 6 15
6N2229 Learning Difficulty Profiling 6 15
6N2211 Assistive Technology 6 15
6N2227 Assessment of Needs 6 15
6N2228 Assessment Practice 6 15
6N2214 Health Promotion 6 15
6N2215 Positive Behavioural Support 6 15
6N1957 Special Needs Assisting 6 15
6N2207 Boundary Management 6 15

Things to Know from the Course Inclusive Education and Training

The learners can learn the following things from the course in context (Inclusive Education and Training):-

Principles of inclusive education and training

The course provides useful insights on the different principles of inclusive education and training. The essay helps to understand inclusive education. As far as the definition of inclusive education is concerned, it is the environment that incorporates all the learners.

Such type of education is important for kids with disabilities as they are often excluded whenever education and training are imparted. The objective of such academic practice is to bring all kids irrespective of their weaknesses and strengths under one common roof. 

How legislative framework and human rights principles contribute to inclusive education?

Inclusive education and training can be imparted only if there are appropriate legislations in place. Besides, understanding human rights principles facilitate inclusive education and training.

When talking about inclusive education it is meant legislations and human rights to include children with disabilities in inclusive education. The principles of inclusion imply access, equity, opportunity, and the rights of kids with disabilities in care and education to prevent discrimination. 

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Apply tools and skills in providing inclusive training and education

For providing inclusive education the childcare professionals in Ireland need to create an inclusive classroom. In this context, an inclusive classroom has the minimum behavioral standards, enforce the standards consistently, dealing with kids that misbehave sensitively, make conditions so that the kids can be heard, setup appropriate approach to educating and training the kids, keep in consideration the requirements of the kids in a classroom.

The course emphasizes that childcare professionals need to use the tools and skills they possess for inclusive training and education to the kids. 

Respond to abstract and routine issues as far as inclusive education and training is concerned

The childcare professionals require having appropriate responses to abstract and routine issues as far as inclusive education and training are concerned. The responses need to be such that the kids with special abilities are not left out but cared for while imparting inclusive education and training. 

Display specialized skills and knowledge in specific and varied inclusive education contexts

The childcare professionals engaging in inclusive education and training practices require having the skills and knowledge to ensure that no kid is left out and the kids with special care are taken care of well. The skills that are required for effective inclusive education and training are communication, social interactions, managing the behavior of the students, manage and plan the environment for learning, diagnosis, assessment, evaluation.

Work to promote or implement inclusive education practices

This course highlights that the professionals within a childcare setting have to work (either independently or as a part of a supervisory team) to implement and promote various types of inclusive education practices. Such professionals have to take the responsibility for the recourse allocation made and the work completed by others. 

Assess professional and personal development concerning learning and supporting others in finding out learning requirements

The course also features that the professionals within a childcare setting can assess professional as also personal development in the context of learning and supporting others to find the requirements for learning. 

Reflect on professional and personal practice for professional growth in an inclusive environment

The childcare professionals functioning in an inclusive environment require focusing on professional as well as personal practice as this is the manner they can grow and develop professionally. This is emphasized in the course Inclusive Education and Training (QQI level 6 major with course code 6M2263).

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This course on Inclusive Education and Training helps the learners to attain skills and knowledge regarding inclusive education and training. It also helps the learners to implement, promote and design the best practices that are followed in inclusive education. It also helps the learners to engage in higher education and training.

Upon completion of the course, the learners require participating in an assessment where the skills and knowledge attained by the learners are evaluated. If the learner can demonstrate his or her skills then he or she is awarded the Level 6 certification by QQI. In this context, it is important to mention that the learners often require doing assignments as part of the course. 

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