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Creative Writing QQI Level 5 Assignment Sample Ireland

This assignment sample is on “Creative Writing” which has a course code of 5N4765. The purpose of the course is to make the learners aware of the skills and knowledge about creative writing. The course helps the learners to know the important aspects of writing fiction as well as the publication process.

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Students completing the course successfully get an award (Minor). The assignment ample discusses the various outcomes of learning the course in context. It also offers useful insights on how assessment and evaluation of students are done according to QQI rules and regulations.

Creative Writing (5N4765) Level 5 Course Learning Outcomes

This assignment sample discusses the various course learning outcomes in brief.

Concept of showing not telling

Showing and not telling is a technique used to write texts. It allows the readers to experience stories using words, actions, senses, feelings, and thoughts instead of the author’s descriptions, summarizations, and expositions. The course helps the students to understand the concepts of showing and not telling using writing.

Language, purpose, and idioms of characters

In the English language, there are idioms (common phrases) that are used. Idioms have literary significance. The course on Creative Writing (5N4765) helps to understand the language, purpose, and idioms of characters.

What is plot development and structure in the context of creative writing?

Plot development and structures include the various possibilities of writing a story, points of view, and timelines concerning narratives. The course in this context helps the students to understand all these things in detail.

Types of writing genres

There are various types of writing genres used in practice while engaging in creative writing. Also, the writers can create worlds that have their limitations. This course on Creative Writing (5N4765) discusses all these things for the sake of the academic interests of the Irish students.

How can literary works get published in Ireland and abroad?

To get literary works published in Ireland and abroad the role of the agents and the publishers is very important. Besides, self-publishing is another way to get literary works published in Ireland and abroad. The course in context discusses these things.

How to utilize writing skills?

Skills of writing include doing active researches, use sources of references, make a list of notions, change narratives by using appropriate grammars, revise as well as edit work. The course in context allows the learners to know all these things.

Put to use characterization skills

The writer must know how to use characterization skills. Such skills include character creation, displaying emotions and feelings using words, creating dialogues, check the presence of the narrator, assess the history of a character. The course in context allows the students to understand how characterization skills can be implemented.

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Choose to write in first person or second person or third person

It is up to the writer to write using the first or second or third person. Creative writing involves writing in a manner so that the audience gets attracted to the literary work. This course provides information on how to construct sentences and write good stories.

Use various ways to tell the same story

The writer can use various ways to narrate the same story to the audience. The writers can use flashbacks and flash forward to narrate stories. The course in context allows the learners to know the various ways to tell the same story.

Using language and creating a sense of place

The writers are required to use language to create tones of narratives. The writers use language to create a sense of place. The course in context allows the students to know more in this regard.

Presentation of work as per industry practices

The writers have to prepare and present literary works for publishers and agents according to industry practices. The course in this context allows the students and learners to know more about the presentation of literary works in Ireland.

Production of a range of literary works

Creative writing professionals are expected to produce a wide variety of literary works. Such works often vary in length and content. The course on Creative Writing (5N4765) helps the students to comprehend more on this.

Utilizing plot development and structures to arouse readers’ interests

Creative writers require using strategies while writing stories. They use plot development and structures to make the readers read content with rapt attention. The entire process of how it is done is discussed in detail in the course in context.

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Put to use atmosphere and setting concerning creative writing

It is useful to set up the atmosphere and setting. The writers do this by using real locations in the stories, fabricating costumes and clothes that are unique concerning a given story. More on this is discussed in the course on Creative Writing (5N4765).

How to source publishers and agents in Ireland?

Mere writing without publishing is not recommended. Professional writers write quality literary work and then they find out publishers and agents so that they can get their work published. The course in context illustrates how to source publishers and agents in Ireland.

Be a critic

Professional writers are not just critics of their literary works but also critics of other literary works. Becoming a critic is a good practice and the course in context (Creative Writing (5N4765)) provides insights on how to become a critic.

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