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QQI Level 5 Criminal Law 5N3787 Assignment Sample Ireland

This assignment sample offers a candid discussion of the various outcome of learning concerning the course on Criminal Law (5N3787). Besides, it also discusses the evaluation criteria and the techniques used for the evaluation of students who are learning the course.

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The course in this context discusses the practice and principles associated with Criminal Law in Ireland. It also discusses how criminal law is applied in legal practices within Ireland. In this context, it is relevant to add that students after successful completion of the course are awarded certifications (Minor) and awards by QQI based on their performance.

Criminal Law (5N3787) Level 5 Course Learning Outcomes

There are many outcomes of learning concerning the course on Criminal Law (5N3787) and they are listed as follows:-

The purpose of criminal law in Ireland

The course on Criminal Law (5N3787) helps the learners and the students alike to understand the purpose of criminal law in Ireland. The course also discusses pertinent articles of the Irish constitution that are in effect to protect Irish citizens from crimes, illegalities, and falsehood in society.

Classification of crimes

Crimes are classified as criminal offenses that include misdemeanors, infractions, and felonies. Criminal offenses are usually differentiated by their severities. The course on Criminal Law (5N3787) discusses the different classifications of crimes in detail for Irish students and learners.

What is the difference between crimes and torts?

Crime is wrongdoing that adversely affects society and its people. On the contrary, a tort is a wrongdoing that adversely affects the individual or his wealth and property. A detailed differentiation is made of both the concepts in the course on Criminal Law (5N3787).

Description of the structure of the Irish criminal justice system

The Irish criminal justice system includes jurisdiction, hierarchy, various functions of the courts, and the functions and roles of other institutions that are part of the criminal justice system. The course on Criminal Law (5N3787) discusses all these things in much greater detail for the sake of the students, and learners pursuing the course in context.

Explanation of the procedure for arresting a person in Ireland

If a person is charged with a criminal act in Ireland then that person is arrested and tried in the courts of law in that country. There are laws in context to the right to silence, bail, and presumption of innocence until proven guilty that the charged person can use in his favor. All these things are discussed as part of the course curriculum in Criminal Law (5N3787).

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Understanding the concept of arrest in Ireland

In Ireland, arrests are usually made if a person has committed a crime and is, therefore, a threat to society. There are common laws associated with arrests. Then there are statutory powers of arrest and all these things are discussed in detail as part of the course curriculum.

Analyze criminal actions that occur in Ireland

Ireland is a republic and is also a state of the EU. The country experiences different types of criminal activities including homicides, murders, and manslaughters. The course in context (Criminal Law (5N3787)) discusses all the crimes that take place in Ireland, it also discusses the two types of homicides, and the different categories of murders that take place in that country.

Legal perspectives on abortion, euthanasia, infanticide

The course on Criminal Law (5N3787) also discusses the various legal perspectives on abortion, euthanasia, and infanticides for the sake of understanding the students pursuing the course in context.

Examination of common offenses in Ireland

Ireland experiences common offenses like burglary, theft, and robbery and the course discuss the examination of these offenses. It also discusses the interpretation of the terms as well as statutory definitions of the terms.

The purpose of a crime, defenses to crimes

In Ireland, crimes happen because of a wide range of social and economic factors. Crimes are caused if there is poverty, inequality, joblessness, low economic growth, and productivity. There are major defenses to crimes in Ireland like accidents, coerced confessions, duress, double jeopardy, entrapment, insanity, false accusations, and wrongful arrests. All these things are elaborately discussed as part of the course on Criminal Law (5N3787).

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Offenses about drugs

Some offenses are related to drugs in Ireland and these include drug trafficking. The course on Criminal Law (5N3787) discusses all these offenses in detail for the sake of the students pursuing the course.

Impact of criminal law on the individual and the society

A society can flourish if the members constituting it are safe and secure. Therefore, the objective is always to identify crimes and criminals. The law of the state (Ireland) needs to be such that it prosecutes the criminals, and prevents crime from taking place. There are laws in Ireland that are there intending to make Irish society safe and secure. These laws make sure that proper justice is imparted to the individuals that are part of the society. The course in context discusses the impact of criminal law on the individuals and society of Ireland.

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Students who participate in assessments on Criminal Law (5N3787) are required to work on assignments (60%), and examination theory (40%). The assessments are taken by assessors accredited by the QQI to evaluate the skills, and knowledge of the students participating in the course on Criminal Law (5N3787).

Successful completion of assessments results in students receiving awards (Minor) and certifications. The assessors use various instruments for assessments and they include question papers, project guidelines, criteria for assessments, and mark sheets.

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