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QQI Level 5 Physiotherapy Assistant Practice 5N3770 Course Assignment Sample Ireland

This sample essay discusses the course Physiotherapy Assistant Practice (5N3770). The award type associated with the course is “Minor”. The credit value of the course is 15.  The learners or students pursuing the course get awarded a certificate issued by QQI.

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The objective of the award is to make the learners aware of the skills, competencies, and knowledge to function in the areas of physical disabilities or dysfunctions, and rehabilitation in an institutional or domestic setting.

The course also discusses the various learning outcomes, it also discusses assessments and techniques of assessments that are used to evaluate students or learners who have completed the course.

Physiotherapy Assistant Practice (5N3770) level 5 course learning outcomes

The sample essay discusses the various outcomes of learning the course. The different learning outcomes are listed as follows:-

The essay sample discusses posture

This course deliberates on postures. It discusses normal postures, discusses the significance of alignment of postures to obtain optimum function. The course also helps to understand the effects of conditions (clinical) on balance or gait.

Explain common terms and concepts used in the field of physiotherapy

The course on Physiotherapy Assistant Practice (5N3770) explains to the students and learners alike the various concepts and terms that are used in the field of physiotherapy. These concepts and terms incorporate mobility levels, full and partial weight-bearing, and non-weight bearing.

Benefits of various therapeutic interventions

The course in this context also discusses the different benefits of therapeutic interventions. These benefits incorporate hydrotherapy, exercise therapy, range of movements, and strengthening.

Significance of feedback to clinical staff

This course also discusses why feedback to clinical staff is important. In this context, it is important to understand that feedback is all about information and it must not be confused with judgment. Feedback is a vital part of the process of learning, it is formative, and it helps the students to reach the objective and not deviate from the course. Clinical feedback follows the fact and it helps to present a judgment.

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Practice safety processes, and techniques to make sure that the clients and therapists are safe during therapy

The course also helps the students and the learners to practice safety processes and techniques to make sure that the therapists and clients are safe during the therapy process. These safety procedures include adjustment and use of physiotherapy equipment, client mobilization, and transfers, mobility aids, maintenance of equipment, manual handling of clients, and handling of equipment.

Process safe client mobilization

The course Physiotherapy Assistant Practice (5N3770) helps to process safe client mobilization. It incorporates supporting the position of affected parts of the body using necessary equipment.

Function independently towards controlling the physiotherapy equipment

The course on Physiotherapy Assistant Practice (5N3770) also helps the students and the learners alike to work independently towards controlling the various physiotherapy equipments that they possess.

Act to make clients comprehend so that they can cooperate in their therapy and treatments

This course also highlights the various ways and means by which the clients can comprehend physiotherapy so that they can act cooperatively during their treatments and therapy. Clients can cooperate in their therapy or treatments either being part of a group or on an individual level. The learners upon learning the course get to know about all these things.

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Assessments and Techniques of Assessments WRT Physiotherapy Assistant Practice (5N3770)

If you are a student or a learner and pursuing the course on Physiotherapy Assistant Practice (5N3770) then after having learned the course you are expected to sit for assessments.

The objective of the assessments is to evaluate the skills, knowledge as well as competencies of the learner. The assessor oversees whether the students or the learners can attain the various outcomes of learning.

In this context, it is relevant to add that the outcomes of learning concerning the course Physiotherapy Assistant Practice (5N3770) are mentioned in this sample essay.

For the sake of assessment, the providers need to submit a plan for assessment. The plans for assessments incorporate data about integration as well as scheduling of assessments.

There are available various techniques for assessing the skills, and knowledge of the students or learners of the course on Physiotherapy Assistant Practice (5N3770).

The assessors use various instruments for evaluating the students or learners of the course in context. Common assessment instruments include exam papers, mark sheets, assessment criteria, assignment briefs, and project briefs that are in tune with the requirements of QQI.

The assessments include project work that has 40% weightage and it also includes skills demonstration which has a weightage of 60%.

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Are you a student pursuing the course on Physiotherapy Assistant Practice (5N3770)? Then you also know that you are required to sit for assessments after you have learned the course.

The assessments help to evaluate the skills that you have acquired. It helps you to test the knowledge that you have gathered. Often assessments involve the submission of assignments on your part. Some students suffer from a paucity of time and other resources and hence are not in a position to work on assignments themselves.

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