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QQI Level 5 5N3752 Stock Control and Material Systems Assignment Examples Ireland

The assignment examples discuss the course, stock control, and material systems. This course is part of a curriculum that helps the learner to gather knowledge, competence, and skills so that information can be processed, stock can be recorded or controlled, and databases can be created or queried.

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Upon studying the course the learner can receive a minor award type of level 5 from QQI. The code that is associated with stock control and material systems has a credit value of 15 and has a course code of 5N3752. The learners of the course can learn about various outcomes of learning.

The various outcomes of learning are highlighted in the assignment examples. Besides, assessment and assessment techniques are also discussed in the assignment examples.

Stock Control and Material Systems (5N3752) level 5 course learning outcomes

The assignment examples highlight the learning outcomes of various stock control and material systems:-

Features of different organizations

The features of different organizations incorporate the roles of the internal departments, the duties, and roles of personnel, the effect of legislation at the workplace on a business organization.

Describe the administrative functions within an office

The course in context (Stock Control and Material Systems) describes the administrative functions that are there within an office. These administrative functions within the office are the resources, equipment available to execute the functions.

Design a chart for the organization

The course Stock Control and Material Systems (5N3752) helps the learners to design a chart for the organization. In this context, it is important to understand that there are three types of organizational charts and they are matrix, hierarchical, and flat. A hierarchical organizational chart is a common type of chart that is used in organizations.

Put to use a wide range of administrative functions

The course in this context helps the students or learners to use a wide range of administrative roles. These roles incorporate filling paper documentation, using office equipment, and document collation, outward and inward postage.

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Use resources for receiving as well as sending emails

The course in context helps the learners to understand the methods used to send or receive emails. Some applications are used to send as well as receive emails. The course helps you to understand just that.

How materials are to be stored?

There are receiving goods techniques that are used for storing materials. The learners and students can know more about how to store goods using the course in context.

Planning the layout of materials

The students and learners can use the course content and understand the planning the layout of materials. The course also provides information on how to track the movements of goods.

Maintenance of stock records

It is important to maintain records of stocks. Apart from maintaining the stock records, it is important to calculate the value of stocks. The course in this context provides information on how to maintain stock records and how to calculate the stock values.

Planning materials requirement schedule

Stock control and material systems need materials at fixed time schedules. The course Stock Control and Material Systems (5N3752) provides an insight on the planning materials requirement schedules.

Designing systems for replenishing and forecasting materials

It is important for learners to know and understand how to design systems for forecasting as well as replenishing materials. Forecasting and replenishing materials are done from second storage up to fixed storage.

Creating a database filing system that is computerized

The course on Stock Control and Material Systems (5N3752) highlights the steps to create a database filing system that is computerized and which is used to control stock and which allows data editing as well as retrieval.

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Assessment & Assessment Techniques

Assessments are taken after the course is learned. Such assessments follow the various assessment guidelines. The awareness distributed is based on student’s ability to complete the course in full and they need to have the skills, standards, and knowledge to pass the assessment. There are available various assessment techniques. The assessors use various assessment techniques to evaluate the candidates who appear for the assessment. The assessor is in charge of creating various instruments for assessment purposes. The assessor uses project briefs and assessment briefs. They use mark sheets, assessment criteria that are consistent with the requirements of the QQI. The assessment requires demonstration of skills and they involve project work. The skill demonstration part has a weightage of 50% and the project work has a weightage of 50%.

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