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5N3737 Caring for Children in Hospital QQI Level 5 Assignment Sample Ireland

This assignment example focuses on the course “caring for children in hospital”. The award type offered upon completion of the course is minor. The course has a level 5 and it has a credit value of 15. The objective of the course is to make the learner aware of the skills, knowledge, and competence to care for kids in the hospital.

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The purpose of the course is also to promote best practices while caring for kids and their families. This assignment example also discusses in detail the various learning outcomes upon studying the course. It also discusses the assessments and assessment techniques. 

Caring for Children in Hospital (5N3737) level 5 course learning outcomes

The kids pursuing the course on caring for children in hospital (5N3737) level 5 can experience the following learning outcomes:-

Significance of a homely environment for kids

There is much significance in a homely environment for kids. A homely environment is such which incorporates important roles that are played by primary caregivers. 

Various principles of development of a kid

There are various principles of the development of a child. These principles incorporate emotional, physical, social, language, and cognitive requirements. 

Finding out social and health problems adversely affecting kids, their families

The course on Caring for Children in Hospital (5N3737) finds out a wide variety of social and health issues that adversely affect kids and their families. In this context, it is important to discuss that the course helps to understand common health issues like colds, allergies, gastro, conjunctivitis, foot and mouth diseases, hand, impetigo, worms, and lice.

Mild health issues are treated at home. Washing hands periodically is the ideal way to stop the spreading of infection. The various social issues that kids may face include disabilities, gender discrimination, child labor, child marriage, toxic stress, and school attacks. 

Use skills to care for kids in the hospital

The course in this context helps to use the necessary skills for child care purposes in hospitals.  The skills for child care incorporate care skills, communication skills, education, and play. 

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The plan plays activities so that kids can communicate with others

The course on Caring for Children in Hospital (5N3737) allows the learners to plan for different types of play activities for the kids so that the kids can achieve good communication skills and they can grow holistically.

The course highlights that the child care professionals can plan for activities such as water play, sand play, role play, dress up, painting and drawing, character play, doll play, singing, dancing, and music.

The child care professionals plan play activities so that the kids can grow holistically. 

Implications of health care laws

Current childcare legislation in Ireland includes the Childcare Act 1991. Later the act was amended. The objective of the various childcare legislation in Ireland is to make sure that the kids in Ireland receive care and protection.

The course in context provides information about the various implications of health care laws in Ireland.

How do social issues like unemployment, substance abuse, and poverty affect kids and their health?

The course in context helps to comprehend that there are social problems like unemployment and substance abuse and poverty that affect the health of the kids and it also highlights the various ways by which these issues affect the health of the kids.

Unemployment results in poverty and that ultimately lead to undernourishment and poor health. Substance abuse is also a reason for the poor health of the kids. 

Utilizing good communication skills to accompany kids and their families in hospitals

Communication skills include verbal as well as non-verbal communication skills and these are used to assist the kids and their families inside the hospital. The course on Caring for Children in Hospital (5N3737) helps the kids to understand the communication skills required for effective communication on hospital premises. 

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Practice skills to function confidently, and effectively with kids within a hospital setting

The course in context highlights the importance of practicing and using skills to work effectively as well as confidently within the setting of a hospital. These skills include good communication skills, use skills to build confidence in kids, and child development skills.

The course focuses on using skills to become a good role model, focusing on strengths, being a good role model for the kid, banning criticisms, and praising the kid. 

Function as part of a healthcare team and respond properly to the requirements of kids within hospitals

The course also highlights the importance of working as part of the healthcare team. It also helps the learners to respond properly to the needs of kids in a hospital. The course helps the learners in doing child reporting, it helps the kids in completing documentation. 

Assessments & Techniques of Assessments

The course caring for children in the hospital (5N3737) helps the learners to know the assessments and techniques of assessments that are used in the course.

The objective of the course is to evaluate and assess the skills and knowledge of the learners. The techniques that are used for assessments are all to the QQI requirements. Assignment briefs, project briefs, mark sheets, assessment criteria, and examination papers.

The weightage on assignments is 20% and the weightage on skills demonstration is 80%. 

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