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5N3736 Dietetics QQI level 5 Assignment Sample Ireland

The assignment example on Dietetics (5N3736) qqi level 5 offers an award type “Minor”. This level 5 course has a credit value of 15. The course deals with equipping the learners with the know-how, competence, and skills to comprehend the principles of nutrition while implementing nutrition care plans.

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On successful completion of the course, the learners and students alike will be awarded the certification (Level 5) by QQI. This assignment example also discusses the various learning outcomes, it also discusses the assessment and assessment prerequisites. 

Dietetics assignment example (5N2751) QQI level 5 course learning outcomes

This section of the assignment example discusses the various learning outcomes related to learning the course on Dietetics. 

Functions and Role of a dietician

This section of the assignment sample discusses the fact that by learning the course the learners and students can comprehend the functions and roles of a dietician. The functions and roles of a dietician are discussed over a wide range of healthcare settings.

The categories for dietary interventions

The assignment sample also highlights the fact that the course discusses the various categories for dietary interventions. In this context such interventions are categorized into 4 types and they are 1) the classical intervention, 2) the simple intervention, 3) crisis intervention, 4) family-system intervention. 

The function of safety and food agencies

The assignment example and hence the course on Dietetics (5N3736) discusses the functions of safety and food agencies. The roles incorporate the strategies to enhance public awareness of the effects of bad or good choices concerning food. 

Characteristics of under-nutrition and over-nutrition

This section of the assignment example and hence course discusses the various characteristics of under-nutrition and over-nutrition. The course also discusses the nutritional status of a person. 

The significance of zoning areas within a kitchen 

The course on Dietetics (5N3736) discusses the significance of zoning areas that are there inside a kitchen. Zoning often offers the opportunity to slow down development or stimulates development within particular areas of a kitchen. 

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Discuss the equipment and nutritional products used for medical purposes

The assignment example discusses the various equipment that is used, it also discusses the nutritional products used for medical purposes. The medical causes may incorporate Nasogastric (NG), Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastronomy (PEG), and Nasojejunal (NJ). 

How vested interests affect dietary choices?

Some factors affect the dietary requirements of a person. These factors are categorized as performance, health and food awareness, sensory appeal, weight control. The course also discusses how other vested interests affect the dietary choices of an individual. 

Other learning outcomes that you can know by pursuing the course on Dietetics (5N3736) are as follows:-

  • The course helps in understanding the principles of analyzing hazards and it also discusses seasonal products.
  • The course also helps the learners or students to know about the techniques that are used to support positive dietary choices.
  • Want to know the use of measuring tools in determining growth, calculate body mass index, development in clients then pursue the course on Dietetics (5N3736) as it will help you get information in this regard.
  • The course also helps the learners and the students to identify the points of a variety of food items.
  • The course also allows the learners to discover the functions of a Dietician or the dietician assistant within a healthcare system having more than one discipline.
  • The course also provides relevant information on the utilization of tools for calculating the Nutritional Risk Screening (NRS). It also discusses the limitations and benefits of using the tool. 
  • The course also discusses the utilization of several food intake methods (measuring). The course also is useful to understand to record observations utilizing analysis software like Diet plan.
  • The course on Dietetics (5N3736) helps to identify the various uses of a professional kitchen. It also discusses the roles and responsibilities of kitchen personnel. 
  • The course also discusses how to report on strategies that are employed by various nutrition intervention agencies on a community level to a range of client groups.
  • The course also discusses how to comply with relevant regulations and legislation concerning food safety relations, safety and health procedures, hygiene.

5N3736 Dietetics qqi level 5 Assessments

The sample assignment on Dietetics (5N3736) discusses the various learning outcomes as of yet. The students pursuing a course on Dietetics (5N3736) require completing assessments so that the assessors can evaluate the skills as well as the knowledge of the students.

While evaluating a student the assessors use the student’s responses and make sure that the various learning outcomes related to the course on 5N3736 Dietetics are covered. Various types of assessment instruments are used by the assessor.

These include exam papers, assignment briefs, project briefs, mark sheets, assessment criteria, and all these assessment instruments are used by the rules and guidelines that are set by the QQI. The students or learners require to do an examination theory with 60% weightage and an assignment with 40% weightage. 

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