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QQI Level 5 Understanding Imprisonment Assignment Sample Ireland

This assignment is based on the course “Understanding Imprisonment (5N2177)” which is widely studied in Ireland. The professional assignment writers writing such assignments only render premium services upon request.

The objective of the assignment is to educate the learners about the management and principles of the Irish prison system.

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The assignments also provide the learners an insight into the Irish prison system. Students pursuing this course (accredited by QQI) get the Minor award certified by QQI on successful completion of the course.

The assignment helps the students to know various outcomes of learning along with evaluation criteria and techniques. The assignment also highlights the grading system that is used to assess the performance of the students pursuing the course.

Understanding Imprisonment (5N2177) Level 5 Course Learning Outcomes

This assignment on Understanding Imprisonment (5N2177) helps the students or the learners to understand the various course-related outcomes of learning.

Comprehending the functionality of prison and punishment in Irish society

The learners must know that imprisonment and related punishment are awarded only to criminals as far as Irish society is concerned. The course in context helps to explore the functionality of the prisons and it helps to understand how prisons help to rehabilitate the criminals and how it helps in justice delivery in Ireland.

Legislative needs that impart a framework to the Irish prison system

The Irish prison system is meant for hardened criminals. The course in context also highlights the various legislations that are used to impart a framework to the prison system in Ireland.

Differentiate between prison categories in Ireland

There are various prison categories in Ireland. There are detention camps for the juvenile, youth, and adult criminal entities. This course on Understanding Imprisonment (5N2177) helps the students or the learners pursuing the course to know about the prison categories in Ireland.

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Discuss findings of reports on the Irish prison systems

Irish prisons are meant for hardened criminals. There are many reports on the prison system in Ireland that are circulated from time to time. The course in context enlightens the learners about the findings of reports on Irish prison systems. This includes findings on the Irish prison inspectorate, penal reform trust in Ireland, ombudsman for kids, and the council of Europe.

Factors that result in criminal offenses in Ireland

There can be more than one factor that causes offenses in Ireland and they include various social and economic reasons like poverty, and social stratification. These things are discussed in the course Understanding Imprisonment (5N2177).

Components of the Irish prison regime

The course also helps the students to comprehend various components of the Irish prison regime. This includes daily life, commitment, systems for availing privileges, educational and vocational provisions, segregation, care, and consideration for vulnerable prisoners in Ireland.

What is the objective of rehabilitation and welfare services in Ireland?

The hardened criminals in Ireland who are tried as per Irish laws are often sent to rehabilitation centers so that they can lead a normal and decriminalized life after the completion of their prison term. This course in context highlights in detail the objectives of rehabilitation and welfare services in Ireland.

What are the systems of accountability in the Irish prison system?

In Ireland punishments and imprisonments are awarded to hardcore criminals. There are systems of accountability that are in place. The course in context discusses all of them. It helps the students to know systems of accountability in Irish prison systems as also in EU prison systems.

Responsibilities and roles of Irish prison staff

The prison staff in Ireland are required to stay alert always to prevent accidents. They have other important roles and responsibilities that are discussed in detail in the course Understanding Imprisonment (5N2177).

Support services for Irish prisoners during imprisonment or release

This course on Understanding Imprisonment (5N2177) helps the students or learners to know about the various support services for Irish prisoners during imprisonment or release. Sometimes, the Irish government helps their prisoners to rehabilitate once they have completed their prison terms.

How does imprisonment impact the Irish prisoners?

The course in context also discusses how imprisonment adversely affects Irish prisoners. Imprisonment snatches the freedom of the hardcore prisoners in Ireland and makes them sick, mentally ill. Many find it difficult to rehabilitate after the completion of the prison term. The Irish government often comes to the rescue in rehabilitating Irish persons who have remained as prisoners.

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Values, position, and attitudes of the learners

The course helps the students to understand their values, positions, and attitudes. It helps the learners to gain information about the Irish prison system. In the process, the students get to know about the issues that are associated with the Irish prison system.

Assessment criteria and techniques

The students studying the course on Understanding Imprisonment (5N2177) help to know about the assessment criteria and techniques. The assessment or evaluation helps the assessor to know the knowledge or skill level possessed by the students.

The assessment techniques are approved by the QQI and they include mark sheets, project briefs, assignment briefs, criteria for assessment, and exam papers. The students are required to submit assignments (50%) and do project work (50%). The grading system is as follows:-




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