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5N1770 Early Care And Education Practice QQI level 5 Assignment Sample Ireland

In this essay, we like to discuss the course 5N1770 which is delivered online. Candidates willing to learn this course can start learning the course at any time by availing it online. The course is offered by QQI and upon successful completion of the course, the candidates are offered the QQI (Level 5) certificate.

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The course is all related to the early care and education practice in Ireland. The purpose of this course is to impart knowledge and skills to the learner about the early care and education practice in Ireland. This course helps the learner to work with children, their guardians, and families, colleagues within the ECCE settings.

This is a paid course. This essay discusses the various assessments of the candidate opting for the course and it also provides a detailed account of the learning outcomes associated with the course. 

Assessments or examinations related to course 5N1770 

Individuals who are learning the course 5N1770 (Early Care and Education Practice) have to sit for assessments or examinations post completion of the course. These assessments include the completion of 2 assignments with a weightage of 30% each.

The assessments also include doing learner records with a weightage of 40%. This is an online course and the candidates willing to do the course can start it at any time, do the course at their own pace. In this context, it is important to mention that the duration of the course is 12 months. 

Learning outcomes of 5N1770 Early Care and Education Practice FETAC Level 5

This section of the essay discusses the learning outcomes of 5N1770 (Early Care and Education Practice). The learner learning the course gets to know the following things:-

Helps Learners to Know About Historical Development of Irish (ECCE) Sector

The course 5N1770 (Early Care and Education Practice) helps the learners to know the historical development of the Irish ECCE sector. In this context, it is relevant to put that pre-school was non-existent in Ireland until the 1990s.  This is mainly because the majority of the Irish women did not do work from outside their respective residences.

There was no demand for ore-schooling in those days. Childcare was primarily done by the members of the family. In Ireland, the first pre-school program came into effect in 1994 and since then it has expanded. In recent times the network of pre-schools in Ireland is quite large with the majority of the schools located in the Dublin area of Ireland. 

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Allows Candidates to Know about ECCE Legislations, Practices, policies and Procedures

The candidate learning the course 5N1770 (Early Care and Education Practice) gets to know about the ECCE legislations, practices, policies, and procedures. In this context, it is important to understand that policies and procedures are important for documentation purposes that meet legislative needs. The policies and procedures remove uncertainty in handling situations. They also support staff to comprehend their functions and responsibilities. They are compliant with the ECCE setting and they reflect the best practices within the setting. Childcare policies include the following:-

  • Educational programs and practices
  • Physical environment
  • Kid’s health, security, and safety
  • Staffing arrangements
  • Partnerships with communities and families
  • Relationships with the kids
  • Leadership and governance

Provides Information on Why Communications, Interpersonal Skills and Self-Awareness is Important in an ECCE Setting

The candidate learning the course 5N1770 (Early Care and Education Practice) understands why communications, interpersonal skills, and self-awareness is important in an ECCE setting.

In this context it is to understand that effective interpersonal skills and self-awareness are important within the ECCE setting as it allows the childcare practitioners to know the strengths, weaknesses, beliefs, personality also allows the professional to reflect on various situations. 

Explains Child’s Rights in the Context of ECCE Setting

The candidate learning the course also knows how to explain the child’s rights in the context of the ECCE setting.

Helps Candidates to Communicate Smoothly With Kids, Colleagues, Families

The candidate can also be able to communicate smoothly with the kids that are part of the childcare program, their colleagues, and their families.

Allows Understanding of the Good Practices in an ECCE Setting

Several good practices help to promote value diversity and equality within an ECCE setting. By learning the course 5N1770 (Early Care and Education Practice) the candidates are aware of these good practices.

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Helps to Understand the Administrative Procedures in an ECCE Setting

There are certain administrative procedures within an ECCE setting and they include maintaining logbooks daily, record keeping. By learning the course a candidate becomes aware of these administration practices.

Informs Candidates on How to Participate in Teamwork

The course allows the learner to know how to participate in teamwork within the ECCE setting as a professional.

Provides Information on How to Provide Good Education and Care to Kids

The kids that are part of the childcare plan require good care and education within the ECCE setting. The course provides information to the candidates on how to provide good education and care to the kids that are part of the Irish childcare program.

Provides Insights on Maintaining Quality ECCE Environment

The course provides useful insights to the learners on how to maintain a quality environment (ECCE) that adheres to pertinent standards and regulations.

Helps Candidates to Reflect on Their Individual Weaknesses and Strengths

The course is so designed that it allows the candidates learning it to reflect on individual weaknesses and strengths while working with the kids, their families, and members of the childcare team. 

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