5N1389 Information and Administration QQI Level 5 Assignment Sample, Ireland

This assignment sample is all about Course Information and Administration (5N1389).  Upon successful completion of the course, the students are awarded an award type of Minor by the QQI. The credit value associated with the course is 15.

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The objective of this award is to make the learner aware of the skills, competence, and knowledge needed to comprehend the process by which information is processed with different organizations in Ireland. The course also provides information about the methods and systems that are in practice which can help the learners to function effectively under observation and in a wide variety of organizations.

The assignment helps the learners to also know the various outcomes of learning the course, various assessments, and assessment techniques. 

5N1389 Information and Administration level 5 course learning outcomes

This section of the essay sample discusses the various learning outcomes related to the Course Information and Administration.

Explanation of the features of various organizations 

The very first learning outcome is to know the various features that are there in organizations. These features incorporate the activities of the internal departments, the responsibilities, and roles of personnel, and the effect of workplace legislation within an organization. 

Various administrative functions within an office

Various administrative functions are there within an office. These functions incorporate the resources and equipment that are available to execute the functions. The sample essay discusses all these things in detail. 

Designing an organizational chart

Organizational charts are superb means to communicate about your brand. Such charts are designed to highlight the values and philosophies of an organization. An organizational chart helps to understand the hierarchies, inclusivity, collaborations, and other concepts about an organization. The Course Information and Administration (5N1389) highlights how to design organizational charts. 

An effective system for diary management

The course on Information and Administration (5N1389) provides information about the diary management system and its effectiveness. 

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Roles and responsibilities of personnel in planning and conducting business meetings

For business meet-ups, there have to be roles and responsibilities of personnel in the planning as well as the conduction of the business meet-ups. The course in this context discusses the same. Know more about them by learning the course online. 

Creating a computerized or manual filing system for databases

The course also provides important information on how to create filing systems for databases. These systems store and organize business files on a network space or a hard disk drive. The filing system can be web-based or it can be a desktop folder or a file system that is there within a computer. 

How to perform administrative functions?

The course provides an insight into how to execute administrative functions. This incorporates the utilization of document collation, office equipment, proofing, and payment validations. 

Organizing outward and inward postage

Postage refers to written communication. The Information and Administration 5N1389 discusses how to organize the inward as well as the outward written communication. 

How to perform a diary management system?

There are available various diary management skills for entrepreneurs. These skills are discussed in the course. One has to do minutes of the meeting, meeting notices, and prepare trip itineraries for business.

Use resources and office equipment to meet organizational administrative needs

The course also discusses using resources and office equipment to meet the requirements for administration within an organization. 

Using measures to make sure unauthorized access to records and files is prevented

There are ways and means by which unauthorized access to files and records can be prevented. The Course Information and Administration (5N1389) discusses all these things in detail. 

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Information and Administration (5N1389) Assessments and Assessment Techniques

The assessments and assessment techniques are part of the course. After completion of the course, the students or learners need to appear for assessments. Such assessments help the assessors to evaluate the skills, abilities, knowledge, and competence that are required to get qualified for certifications awarded by QQI.

If a group or team appears for assessments then the assessors are obliged to assess each member of the team or group. Several assessment techniques are used to assess the skills and qualities of the learner. The assessor devises the assessment techniques. Assessment instruments such as mark sheets, criteria for assessment, examination papers, assignment briefs, and project briefs as per QQI assessment needs.

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