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You May Work With The Data File INSOMNIA_SPSS.SAV, Which Is Uploaded On Moodle: Cybersecurity Assignment, UCC, Ireland

University University College Cork (UCC)
Subject Cybersecurity

A)You may work with the data file INSOMNIA_SPSS.SAV, which is uploaded on Moodle. This file arises from a study conducted to explore the prevalence and impact of sleep problems on various aspects of people’s lives. Respondents were invited to complete a questionnaire containing questions about their sleep behavior (e.g. hours slept per night), sleep problems (e.g. difficulty getting to sleep), and the impact that these problems have on aspects of their lives (work, driving, relationship).

The sample consisted of 254 respondents, male and female, of various ages.

Your task is to run and report three tests using suitable variables from the dataset. You are free to choose which aspects of data you wish to analyze and report on but each of the following techniques should be utilized

  1. Independent Sample t-test
  2. Mann – Whitney U Test
  3. Chi-square test for Independence

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For example, you should report on:

  • A comparison of the prevalence of certain sleep problems by a cohort of respondents
  • Prevalence of certain symptoms by category of respondent
  • Relationships between symptoms and life problems

Each piece of analysis and its associated write–up carries 25%of the total marks. The remaining 25% of marks is located in the structure, style, and professionalism of the overall report. Where required, relevant output/tables from statistics software should be integrated into the word processing format used.

This is a statistical report – null/alternative hypotheses, level of significance, validation of test assumptions, correct reporting, and explanations of results are expected.

B) In addition, many studies have suggested that there is a link between exercise and healthy bones. Exercise stresses the bones, and this causes them to get stronger. One study examined the effect of jumping on the bone density of growing rats.

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