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You have been consulted by a new client Tom Tom’s wife Sinead passed away on The 12th of September 2021: Diploma in Healthcare Law Assignment, LSI, Ireland

University Law Society of Ireland (LSI)
Subject Diploma in Healthcare Law

You have been consulted by a new client Tom. Tom’s wife Sinead passed away on The 12th of September 2021. At the time of her death, Sinead was aged 56, and she and Tom had been married for 25 years. Sinead and Tom share two adult children; Shane and Grace. Grace suffers from a rare congenital condition and Sinead had been her primary carer throughout her life. Whilst Shane lives outside the family home, Grace continues to reside with Tom who now provides full-time care to her. Also, living in the house is Sinead’s nephew, Nicholas who has lived with the family since infancy following the tragic death of his mother, Sinead’s sister.

Tom has concerns about the circumstances giving rise to Sinead’s death. In or about November 2019, Sinead underwent a CT scan of the thorax in her local general hospital, Springfield General Hospital, following a referral by her GP on foot of a persistent cough. The CT scan was recorded as showing evidence of minimal scarring.

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