5N2770: Write a comprehensive discussion on a chosen client with a specific illness/disability within a care setting: Care Skills Assignment, OU, Ireland

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University The Open University (OU)
Subject 5N2770 Care Skills

Write a comprehensive discussion on a chosen client with a specific illness/disability within a care setting. Your assignment will be assessed on the following:

  • A comprehensive description of client’s needs
  • Accurate identification of assistance required
  • Clear recommendations on an effective course of action to better meet client’s needs
  • Evidence of reflection as a result of knowledge gained


For this Assignment you can:

1. Choose one of the case study profiles below to complete this assignment and follow the guidelines provided to complete same. The below case studies are a brief overview of the client and you are free to interpret and expand upon the client history, background if you wish.

2. Complete the assignment on a service user you have cared for during work placement or family member relative you have cared for in the home, whereby you have been involved in assisting them with personal care and their healthcare needs.


Mary Jones is a 75-year-old female, currently residing in Lakeview Nursing Home. Mary was admitted to the nursing home four years ago, following a left-sided Cerebral Vascular Accident (stroke). Mary has a supportive family, two daughters, and a number of grandchildren, who frequently visit her on a weekly basis. Mary requires assistance with her activities of daily living, mainly personal hygiene, dressing, maintaining a safe environment, mobility, and elimination needs. The Barthel index shows Mary is of medium dependency.


Michael Byrne is a 72-year-old male, with Parkinson’s disease, who has reduced mobility, type 2 diabetes, and a history of falls. Michael is currently being cared for in his own home, with the support of community health care assistants. Michael lives with his wife (Mary) and receives 3 calls a day under the homecare package. Michael uses a wheelchair, and a downstairs room has been modified to a bedroom. Michael requires assistance with personal care and is occasionally incontinent of urine and requires incontinent wear. Michael also requires hip protectors due to his history of falls.


Joe Clarke is an 80-year-old male and has Alzheimer’s, diagnosed four years ago, he is currently in the moderate stage of the disease and was admitted to Lakeview Nursing Home 6 months ago, as his family was unable to cope. Joe requires full assistance and supervision with daily activities of living and is unaware of the ability to maintain a safe environment for himself. He tends to wander and needs to be re-orientated to his surroundings frequently. Joe’s cognitive ability is declining, and he does not recognize his family when they visit.

Structure /Headings for your assignments:

INTRODUCTION: In this section introduce your client (not real name) and the care setting (where applicable). Provide an overview of the specific care topic i.e. your client’s condition you are going to discuss, supporting same with research, illustrating understanding of illness /disability.

CLIENTS NEEDS: In this section discuss the following in relation to your client.

  • Physical needs
  • Emotional needs
  • Social needs
  • Rehabilitation and Recreational Needs
  • Intellectual needs
  • Spiritual needs

LEVEL OF ASSISTANCE REQUIRED: In this section discuss the following interventions in relation to your client and show understanding of interventions/ assistances they would require under the below headings.

  • Practical skills of Daily living
  • Communication needs
  • Mechanical aids if appropriate.

ROLE OF HEALTHCARE ASSISTANT: In this section outline your role in promoting the following for your client:

  • Clients’ privacy and dignity
  • Independence/autonomy
  • Self-esteem • Clients’ safety
  • Confidentiality

EVALUATION: In this section, you are required to reflect on the knowledge gained, in relation to the care of the client with this illness/disability. Based on external readings you have sourced, provide recommendations that could be implemented to improve the quality of care for a client with this illness/disability.

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