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Write a Case Note Summary on the Decision in M.G. v The Director of Oberstown Children Detention Centre: Court Skills Assignment, UCC

University University College Cork (UCC)
Subject Law

Assignment Details:

Question 1: Write a case note summary on the decision in M.G. v The Director of Oberstown Children Detention Centre & Ors [2019] IEHC 275. (03 May 2019).

Question 2: Provide a brief overview of the facts, the arguments of the child applicant and the Director, the decision of the court, and any comment you may wish to add.

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Question 3: Summarise the key recommendations of the Special Rapporteur on Child Protection, Professor Geoffrey Shannon, on reform of family law procedures as detailed in ‘Best Practice for Children and Family Services in Irish Courts’ in his 11th Report to Government, 2018. (Pages 7-10, 20-23, 72-87 only).

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