To Design And Undertake A Social Research Dissertation Relevant To Youth Arts And Sports Education: Social Science-Youth Work & Outdoor Education Dissertation Proposal, UCC, Ireland

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University University College Cork (UCC)
Subject Social Science-Youth Work & Outdoor Education

Module Objective: To design and undertake a social research dissertation relevant to youth arts and sports education.

Module Content: The dissertation module facilitates students to develop and apply research skills to investigate an aspect of policy and/or practice relevant to youth arts and sports education. Students are invited to evidence their abilities for integrative thinking, bringing together their knowledge, skills, and understanding to produce interesting and original social research. Students will learn how to engage in social research that is creatively designed, demonstrates critical thinking skills, is based on a commitment to the highest ethical standards, and responds to an issue that impacts young people, demonstrates a capacity for reflective practice, and contributes to the scholarship on young people’s lives.

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