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To demonstrate an understanding of the principles and practice: Energy & Facilities Management Assignment, IT Sligo, Ireland

University Institute of Technology (IT) Sligo
Subject Facilities and energy management

LO1 (1) To demonstrate an understanding of the principles and practice of Energy Management strategies in commercial & industrial environments.
LO4 (4) To prepare or evaluate a building energy audit & understand how an audit can drive performance improvement.


You should complete a study paper with regards to Energy Management in the Workplace. As part for team, each member of the team should be allocated one of the following sections.:

1. Energy Audits
2. Lighting Upgrade
3. Ventilation & Indoor Air Quality
4. Building Management System
5. Comfort Evaluation
6. ISO 50001 Energy Management
7. Advanced Technologies in FM (e.g. BIM, VR, AR, Drones)

The facilities management team at IT Carlow campus are currently concerned with regards to the high energy consumption of the Barrow Centre Building, thus you have been recruited by IT Carlow to carry out a preliminary Energy Usage Audit of the Barrow Centre Building on Campus. You are also required to make proposals in relation to energy savings strategies while considering overall user comfort as a priority.

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