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The Recent Announcement That Several US Technology Companies: Contemporary Issues In Human Resource Management Assignment, UCC, Ireland

University University College Cork (UCC)
Subject Contemporary Issues In Human Resource Management


The recent announcement that several US Technology companies [Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook] are considering reducing the pay of employees who decide to work from home permanently has been met with mixed reactions. Employer groups have welcomed the announcement arguing that employee costs and the associated commute times to and from work more can compensate for any pay reduction. While employee groups and unions have pushed back citing increased cost of services when working from home. Would you support or challenge this unexpected outcome of the Covid-19 pandemic and the ‘next to normal’ of contemporary work? When structuring your Case Study, consider the following:

  • Should HR professionals fully support the announcement by leading US technology companies considering the potential impact it might have on minority groups?
  • Based on what you know about HR business partners, provide a cogent and critical argument as to how HR professionals can objectively support or challenge this endeavor and provide areas where it would benefit or hurt both the company and
  • Provide a critical, considered, and objective recommendation on whether you support or oppose the decision by US technology companies to create a two-tier pay system. One pay system for employees who come to the office, and one payment system for colleagues who elect to work from home permanently (assuming both set of employees do the same work).

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In crafting your assignment, apply any supporting evidence from the academic literature, and any publicly available reputable sources of data to support your argument. Your answer should be critical, cogent, and articulate and should demonstrate more than a superficial understanding of the issues related to why technology firms (in the first instance) might be advocating for a change in pay for those working from home versus those working in the office. A useful approach might be to map out the pandemic from March 2020 through to the first public announcements about implementing an effective two-tier pay system (mid-2021).

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