The owner of an organization that you are familiar with has heard that your group (3 or 4 students) are studying for a Business Degree: Operations Management Assignment, TCD, Ireland

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University Trinity College Dublin (TCD)
Subject Operation Management


The owner of an organization that you are familiar with has heard that your group (3 or 4 students) are studying for a Business Degree. The owner has asked your group for advice in relation to the operational aspect of his/her business. Following a review of the business, you have come to the
the conclusion that the owner of the business has limited knowledge of ‘operations’ in a business context.

If you are selecting a large company, e.g. Dunnes Stores, Google, Bank of Ireland, McDonald’s, you must focus on a specific department or micro-operation rather than the whole company. If you focus on the whole company then the assignment will become a strategy analysis rather than an operations management exercise.

The group must notify the lecturer through the Moodle submission link (Group Names) of the name of the students in group and their student numbers as well as a one-page summary of the selected organisation. This has to be submitted by 11.55pm on Sunday, 5th September 2021.

Your group has decided to draft a document of around 3,000 words that you hope will put into context the importance of managing operations efficiently. The areas that you will cover are:

  • Definition of operations management
  • Company description (include url, pictures of product/service)
  • Transformation Model
  • Operations performance, i.e. Performance Objectives with polar diagram
  • Operations strategy

four perspectives on operations strategy

  • Design of the product or service process type
  • Planning and control of operations
  • planning and controlling activities
  • measuring demand and capacity
  • Operations improvement in the organization

breakthrough and/or continuous improvement or other theories of improvement Theoretical aspects of the course must be used as a framework for analysis. You must then apply the theory to your chosen company

Learning outcomes:

1. Have a detailed comprehension of the kind of knowledge pertaining to Operations Management (PLO1, PLO2);

2. Have critically evaluated the role of operations management and its contribution to organizational performance in order to evaluate how firms can improve their performance (PLO1, PLO2, PLO3, PLO4, PLO5, PLO7, PLO8);

3. Have developed a critical awareness of the concept of key strategic decisions in production/operations management including product design, innovation, procurement,  planning, and improvement to provide suggestions to firms that the learners are studying (PLO1, PLO2, PLO7, PLO8);

4. Have critically analyzed the challenges faced by operations managers in the future to develop possible solutions (PLO1, PLO2, PLO5);

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