The Approach’s Main Goals Are Application Packaging And Automation: E-Commerce Web System, DBS, Ireland

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University Dublin Business School (DBS)
Subject E-Commerce Web System


The brief introduction of the project is basically defined in terms of DevOps is concerned with automating and managing systems. The approach’s main goals are application packaging and automation. DevOps also allows for active collaboration and integration of development specialists leading the project.

The stage of development of the DevOps lifecycle is viewed as a constant stream of modifications with really no breaks: the complete design phase is broken down into smaller development sprints with frequent, quick release rounds. (Lwakatare, 2019) It’s a method for combining into a comprehensive, continuing innovation, regulatory compliance, and management (placement and integrations) workflow.

Project Scope and Objectives

1. The major focus of project scope and objectives is development and maintenance used to be two separate components.

2. Project managers were in charge of deploying and integrating the code written by developers.

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