SPSK3101: Lister Introduces Doyle And Gough’s Theory Of Universal Needs: Politics & Society, NUI, Ireland

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University National University of Ireland (NUI)
Subject SPSK3101: Politics & Society

Discussion Questions

1. Lister introduces Doyal and Gough’s theory of universal needs. This includes the assertion that there are two fundamental and universal human needs. What are they?
2. Doyal and Gough provide a list of “intermediate needs,” which they assert must be achieved to meet the two universal needs. What do they include in this list?
3. Some academics argue that it is possible to identify universal needs, while others hold that needs are relative and subject to interpretation. Doyal and Gough address this tension by using the concept “specific needs satisfiers.” What do they mean by this?
4. Stone emphasizes the importance of the “symbolic dimension of need.” What does she mean by this? Give an example.
5. What are the three policy fights Stone describes regarding the issue of culture as a need?
6. According to Stone, what are some of the problems associated with measuring human welfare?

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