Some people question the value of history and theory Their arguments are usually based on the assumptions that history: Managing the Organisation Assignment, NCI, Ireland

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University National College of Ireland (NCI)
Subject Managing the Organisation

1. Some people question the value of history and theory. Their arguments are usually based on the assumptions that history has no relevance to contemporary society and that theory is abstract and of no practical use. In reality,both theory and history are important to all managers today. Discuss and analyse this statement, supporting your argument with reference to the range of theories that have been developed in the field of management.

2. It is vital that managers analyse their external environments carefully in order to anticipate and – if possible – influence environmental change. Therefore, a range of frameworks has been developed for analysing changing and complex external environments. Discuss and analyse these various frameworks, with particular reference to organisations engaged in international trade.

3. The external environment of an organization can create both strategic opportunities and threats. However, within the same external environment, some organisationsare superior performers. It is not the environment that distinguishes between them but their internal strategic capabilities. Discuss and analysehow it is possible for an organization to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage over its competitors.

4. In order tomaximise its competitive advantage, an organization must find the best way to position itself against its rivals. It does this by using business-level strategy. Consequently, we need to look at the ways in which an organization makes the relevant decisions in an effort to gain a competitive advantage. Discuss and analyse this in the context of an organization seeking international competitiveness.

5. How should a business organize its activities to create the most value? Strategy implementation is the way an organization creates the organizational arrangements that enables it to pursue its strategy most effectively. Discuss and analyse how the combination of organizational structure and control systems allows an organization to pursue its strategy most effectively and create and sustain a competitive advantage.

6. Often, because of drastic unexpected changes in the external environment, such as the Covid Pandemic or the emergence of aggressive new competitors or technological breakthroughs, strategic managers may need to develop new strategies and structures to maintain/raise the level of their organization’s performance. Address and analyze the nature of strategic change; the obstacles that may hinder managers’ attempts to change a company’s strategy and structure and the steps managers can take to overcome these obstacles.

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