So Critique Would Be Looking At It From All Angles: Children And Families Assignment, NUI, Ireland

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University National University of Ireland (NUI)
Subject Children and Families

So critique would be looking at it from all angles. So families historically have been nuclear in past but more recent times they have become more diverse I would try and find statistics on that and the percentage of women in the workforce now compared to the 1960s or even 1990s and go into a bit about the history of families in Ireland. They used to have bigger families and now divorce which became legal in 1996  is more common. (find the Irish act) Try the CSO statistics website for Irish ones or use google scholar to find statistics.

Historically divorce was frowned upon by the catholic church until then. There is also legislation the child and families act 2015 which makes sure in a divorce the child’s best interests are key whereas typically before it was always the women getting custody so this would be against the statement.

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I would talk about how families can have SLE significant life events such as death, addiction, etc so it changes the dynamics of the family and they often require family support and services and children may have to be taken into care if they are at risk.

Attachment theory could be Bowlby’s theory I think and you could say how the attachment to the mother may change as the mother begins to work more and the children now are in daycare etc. With fathers taking on a role

Families are also more diverse now with gay parents, adoptions, different ethnic backgrounds, etc. Find evidence on this.

It also doesn’t just take a man and woman to raise a child it takes a community use Bronfenbrenner’s approach here.

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