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setting out the economic context which gives rise to or contributes to the issue and how the health economics module informs the proposed solution: Change Initiative Report Ireland


setting out the context and outlining the issue and potential solution

Health Economics

setting out the economic context which gives rise to or contributes to the issue and how the health economics module informs the proposed solution

Finance section

setting out the financial implications of the proposed solution

HR section

outlining the feature of the HR system which has contributed to the issue and explaining how relevant theories of HR have helped to frame your solution

Organisational behaviour

articulating how the theories of leadership, motivation and culture have informed the proposed solution


explaining the communication strategy that you would recommend to support the implementation of your proposal

Strategy Implementation

setting out the key implementation steps to take and demonstrating how the implementation plan overcomes the known risks and challenges with implementing strategic change

briefly summarising the paper and presenting clear recommendations for the implementation of the proposal. It is important that appropriate weight and emphasis is given to each subject area as these sections of the final report form a key part of the assessment for each topic.

Participants will also prepare a 250-word Executive Summary of the change initiative report in a format that will be publishable by the Health Service Leadership Academy. A template for this Executive Summary is provided below as a Word document.  Please download the template and use it to type your Executive Summary. Save the document and submit it using the link below.

The report should include all the notes below. The two residents are living in a house provided by HSE. They have intellectual disabilities and support needs. The extension started in August. HSE allocated the funding. The author should say how we negotiated for the funds and how urgent the project was that they allocated the money so quickly.

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