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Sanjeev is a Relatively New Coach who has Recently Begun Coaching: Analytic Essay Assignment, OU,

University The Open University (OU)
Subject Analytic Essay

Analytic Essay Assignment Task

Part 1 (2200 words)

Sanjeev is a relatively new coach who has recently begun coaching at his local netball club. Sanjeev has been bringing his children to the club for several years and is very familiar with the sport, but he lacks confidence in his coaching ability. He is keen to develop his leadership and coaching skills so that he can get the best out of his players.

Drawing on the knowledge you have gained from Study Topic 4, critically evaluate how Sanjeev can develop effective coaching behaviours. Your work should be divided into the following four sections. Each section should be supported by evidence and/or examples from appropriate research:

  • The application of Chelladurai’s (2001) Multidimensional Model of Leadership
  • The role of transformational leadership in coaching
  • Creating an effective coaching environment
  • Coaching behaviours and team performance

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Part 2 (800 words)

Observation is a research instrument often used in coaching behaviour research. Critically evaluate the use of observation as a research instrument in investigating coaching behaviour.


Part 1

  • Drawing widely on the range of literature used within Study Topic 4 in relation to leadership and behaviour, explore the concepts and characteristics of coaching situations and the potential impact these may have upon coaching effectiveness. You will find Activities 16.10, 17.8, 18.9 and 19.8 (Units 16, 17, 18 and 19) particularly useful in helping you to complete this task.
  • Your answer should give equal consideration to each of the four bullet points listed in the task. It is recognised that there may be some overlap between the four areas, however, your work should be split into the four subheadings/sections listed.
  •  Your work should be written for an academic audience, with the aim of communicating how these four areas impact on effective coaching.
  • Your answer should contain an introduction (outlining the purpose and focus of your work), the main section (containing your discussion of the four topic areas in different sections) and a conclusion (drawing together your discussion and summarising your main findings of effective coaching).
  • As with all your assignments, you should support your work with relevant academic references and theories.

Part 2

  • Using your knowledge of research methods, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of using observation as a research instrument. Unit 18, Activity 18.2 will be particularly useful in helping you with this task.
  • You may also find it useful to refer to the ‘Research instruments’ section of Chapter 2 of the Module Reader, ‘Making sense of research methods’ and Unit 2, Section 2.6 of Study Topic 1 (particularly Activity 2.8 and the associated readings from Research Methods for Sports Studies).
  • In evaluating observation as a research instrument you may want to consider the following questions: What information does this instrument provide? Are there particular instances where observation would be particularly advantageous or disadvantageous?
  • Note that for the purposes of this task you should focus on non-participant observation rather than participant observation (refer to the ‘Observation and participant observation’ section of the eBook Research Methods for Sports Studies for a definition of these).
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