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Provide the definition of MSP, using the language from the MSP Directive: Marine Spatial Planning Assignment UU, Ireland

University Ulster University (UU)
Subject Marine Spatial Planning

Overview – Provide the definition of MSP, using the language from the MSP Directive. Then, using the NMPF1 (all material links are included below), state Ireland’s objectives and rationales for introducing MSP, as well as its ‘blue growth’ targets

2. Include relevant connections from Chapters 7 and 9 of the National Planning Framework – Project Ireland 20403 and the MAP Act

4. Critical Analysis  – Critically analyse the NMPF by answering the prompts below. Your analysis must demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of key concepts introduced in lecture and assigned readings. For each, support your analysis with examples pulled directly from the NMPF:

  • What forms of property (Lecture 12) are considered;
  • How the NMPF promotes/hinders Economic and Social Capital production (Lectures 13-14);
  • How well Ecosystem Services (Lectures 15-16) are incorporated into the NMPF via OMPPs;
  • How well the NMPF promotes Sustainable Development Goals5 (SDGs);
  • How well the NMPF reflects an application of Social-Ecological Systems (SES) theory

6. Evidence –Support your analyses by incorporating assigned class readings (Weeks 5 – 10) as references throughout Section II. You must use and cite at least five peer-reviewed articles.

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