Provide a Background to the Role(s) you Intend on Working Towards in the Future Consider Providing Some Historical Context to the Role in Terms: Higher Diploma in Science in Computing Report, NCI, Ireland

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University National College of Ireland (NCI)
Subject Higher Diploma in Science in Computing

Module Title: Professional Practice in IT

Specific Requirements

1. Provide a background to the role(s) you intend on working towards in the future. Consider providing some historical context to the role in terms of how it has changed over the years if this is necessary.

2. Research various jobs websites and elicit/extract the key skills and qualifications are required to fulfill these role(s).

3. Provide a background to your skills, experience, and qualifications and how they currently map, or not, to the role(s) you have identified.

4. Through research, identify how you can upskill/reskill to put yourself in the best position to apply for the role(s) you have identified.

5. Provide a rough timeline as to the practicality of being in a position to apply for the role(s)

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