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Countryside Log Company owns a wood mill on the edge of a village in a rural location in England

Countryside Log Company owns a wood mill on the edge of a village in a rural location in England. The site extends to approximately 1.5 hectares (3.70 acres) and has been used for industrial processes for many years. Countryside Log Company has been approached by a developer who specialises in providing ‘office villages’ for sale or to rent. The developer believes that this site has development potential and is interested in an option to purchase the site, subject to planning permission being granted. Countryside Log Company has contracted you to offer planning advice about the potential sale of their site to this developer. You agree with the developer’s assessment of the site’s development potential. It is also apparent from local press reports that some residents in the locality have complained about the constant noise from the wood mill and the airborne dust from its processes. However you are aware that the Local Planning Authority wish to support and maintain employment uses in rural communities.


Prepare a client style report that advises on the following:

a. The likely key planning issues which the Local Planning Authority might consider, should the developer submit a planning application for development.

b. The matters which your client needs to consider in any further discussions with the developer concerning the possible sale.

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