Outline A Range Of Factors That Influence Children’s Health And Wellbeing: Social Legal & Health Studies Assignment, UCC, Ireland

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University University College Cork (UCC)
Subject Social Legal & Health Studies

Q. 1  Outline a range of factors that influence children’s health and wellbeing.

Q. 2 Describe the childcare sector in Ireland and the types of childcare operations available (minimum three types, one to be a drop-in facility). Describe the Rights of the Child and relevant legislation/guidelines which impact the childcare sector.

Q. 3 Describe a minimum of 3 current government initiatives and explain how they affect childcare facilities.

Q. 4 Identify and discuss the implications of legislation/policy for childcare in Ireland under the following headings: (1) Early Years Education, (2) Child Protection, (3) Equality.

Q. 5 From your research, identify the key legal issues and guidelines which need to be considered for setting up a ‘drop-in’ childcare facility.


Q. 6 Develop a set of recommendations (Minimum 5) concerning Health and Safety for the ‘drop-in’ facility.

Q. 7 This task covers the area of Child Protection and uses a case study. You have become concerned about the protection and welfare of a child who attends your childcare establishment.  Read the attached fictional Case Study.

a.     Draft a one-page summary of the current situation outlining the grounds for concern, and identifying the symptoms of neglect, upon which the report should be made.

b.     As a childcare facility, consider the short, medium, and long-term actions that need to be taken and detail them in an action plan.

c.     Complete the Tusla Child Protection and Welfare Report Form, detailing your concerns.

Q. 8 Identify your own training needs and goals in terms of Social Legal and Health requirements in an ECCE setting. Outline what you can do to improve your own and your team’s knowledge and skills in this area.

Q. 9 As Ireland has developed into a multicultural society, reflect, and discuss how personal attitudes and values, as well as different cultural identities, of ECCE stakeholders (i.e., staff, children, parents) can manifest themselves. Describe how prejudice can occur in a childcare setting and describe methods to overcome this.

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