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Miss Cooper, aged 76 years, has mild dementia and is quite placid except when being taken for a shower: Work Experience QQI Level 5 Assignment, ireland

Skills Demonstration 1

Choose a personal skill and reflect on its effectiveness in the workplace

Examples of activities that could be chosen:

  • Reminiscence Therapy
  • Massage
  • Story telling
  • Ability to organise a singsong
  • Talent for arts / crafts
  • Exercise session
  • Hair dressing
  • Tapping into residents’ talents and using them for the benefit of the home e.g.
  • Gardening,
  • Flower arranging,
  • Household tasks such as table setting, clean linen folding etc.

OR Any specific suitable skill of the candidate’s or clinical nurse manager’s choice.

Performance Criteria – Skills Demonstration 1:

  • Thorough organization and preparation of task/activity, including identification of clients’ needs and interests.
  • Effective communication throughout the task.
  • Careful execution of task /activity.
  • Effective use of relevant safety and health practices (5 marks)
  • A comprehensive record of how the task was carried out and its benefit to the residents.
  • Reflection on how the residents responded to the task and how you could improve on its delivery.

Skills Demonstration 2

Devise an appropriate strategy for dealing with conflict resolution/behavior issues with an older person.

The following scenario may be used to demonstrate conflict resolution or the HCA may have an incident of his/her own.  Remember it may take more than one session with the resident to resolve the conflict.


Miss Cooper, aged 76 years, has mild dementia and is quite placid except when being taken for a shower. It takes two HCAs to encourage her to the shower twice a week.  She will scream, shout, hit and pinch the staff during the task.  The two HCAs are exhausted after the event and so is Miss Cooper.

Performance Criteria – Skills Demonstration 2

  • Information about resident and why he/she is in conflict with staff sought from charts, other staff and family as appropriate.
  • Plan of action to approach the resident outlined and discussed with line manager.
    • Steps taken to ensure the environment is safe in approaching the resident.
    • Calm and professional communication skills shown using active listening, reflecting back and body language.
    • Clear self-evaluations of own ability to resolve the conflict and ways this could be improved.


Skills Demonstration 3

 Devise a daily schedule of activities for the older person who is resident in a nursing home or attending a day care centre making reference to nursing home regulations and HIQA standards. The schedule should include routine personal care, meals, medical/nursing care, family visits, and any other meaningful activities you would provide for the residents in your nursing home.

Performance Criteria – Skills Demonstration 3

  • Detailed schedule of activities drawn up with permission of line manager and in discussion with older person
  • Attention paid to safety of residents and environment. Reference made to appropriate infection control practices and HIQA Standards for nursing homes
  • Clear description of leisure type activities planned for the resident and how they will be carried out
  • Description of how you will involve colleagues, the resident’s family and other residents in the activities
  • Reflection on the benefits to the resident/s of your plan and analysis how you feel you could improve

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