LW6109: Explain what is health and safety Important of Health and Safety in the Company Will Mines Continue to use Explosives: Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare Law Assignment, UCC, Ireland

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University University College Cork (UCC)
Subject LW6109: Occupational Health Safety and Welfare Law

As an employer of a large explosives manufacturing company in South Africa. Lebohang is responsible for the health and safety of employees working for him.

At the beginning of January 2021. seven new young employees were appointed in Ns company. During the induction period of these new employees.

before they commence with work important issues needed to be discussed. One of these issues is Health and Safety at the company. Lebohang arranged a meeting with the seven new young employees to discuss with them the Health and Safely at the company.

As a safety and health legal officer you are required to write an assignment addressing the issues below.

1.1 From your own perspective explain to the seven new employees the term Health and Safety and the importance thereof n Let Orange’s °oniony.

1.2 ‘SAOC is a resource•rich region Mich means explosives we continue to be used in mines’. Do you agree or disagree with the statement? Your mug motivates your answer.

1.3 Accidents involving explores (whether in the workplace, roads, or storage facilities) are soma* to employers. employees and in certain scenarios to the community. Discuss some of these costs incurred by the employers. employees as well as the community as a result of a workplace accident

1.4 The manufacturing. transportation storage and use of explosives are regulated by three different acts and their accompanying regulations in South Africa. Discuss the interrelationship between the three acts and the resonate party who should enforce the acts.

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